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"Jenna Penman can play both right-back and centre back, so having that adaptability will be a major bonus for the team.
"She has come from Dundee United who are in our division now and United did really well last season. I am sure they will be disappointed to lose Jenna, but that highlights just how fortunate we are to get her signature.
"Jenna is a real talent and like many of our women, is part of the Youth National set up at U17 level. She brings a real quality on the pitch and also has real leadership qualities as well.
"She is an athlete and someone who trains really hard. Jenna really wants to develop and improve her game and that is what is important. Like many of our players, she has a big future ahead of her in women?s football."

Emma Hunter, 15th January 2020

On 28th January 2022 it was announced that Jenna had joined Hibernian.