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Kai Watson Squad Index
Date of Birth:
14th May 2006
Career History:
NOTE: Player Career history has been temporarily removed for data cleanse.
"Kai was a central midfielder when he came in from Westdyke Boys' Club, and also progressed through the Performance School set up at Hazlehead. Kai is a young player who is physically strong and determined, especially in 1v1 duals. Being a versatile player who has played in many areas of the pitch, he's also strong technically, with a good range of passing and striking technique.
"Similar to all the boys we've talked about, he's had many opportunities to play in the year above himself throughout, which obviously stretches their development. He's played central midfield, centre-back and more recently he's played right-back in the Under 18 side, particularly at the Algarve Cup where he had a really strong tournament in Portugal. He's played in the young Scotland sides too and has really earned his opportunity to come into the full-time environment where we hope to see Kai develop even further over the next two seasons. He'll hopefully thrive in the environment at Cormack Park."
Gavin Levey, Academy Direcor, 20th June2022