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The Aberdeen Collection

During the 100-year history of Aberdeen Football Club there have been many trophies, mementos and unique items of memorabilia inherited along the way. Unfortunately, the club don't have enough space to display this fascinating collection at the moment and so many fans are unaware of their existence. Each of the items has a story to tell and some are well known while others are a bit more obscure. All, of course, contribute to the rich history of Aberdeen Football Club.

Over time we hope to populate 'The Aberdeen Collection' section with a large selection of items. We have showcased a number of exhibits her to give you an idea of the treasure trove lurking in Pittodrie. We hope readers will find this fascinating and possibly get a further insight into the history of the club. In fact, one of the items on show here - the Changi Internment Camp Trophy - is a bit of a mystery to everyone at the club and if anyone can shed some light into its background we want to hear from you.

Bobby Calder Trophy

Saskatchewan Soccer Association Memento

Dons in the European Cup

"The Dons" by Paine Proffitt

European Cup Winners Cup 1983

Drybrough Cup Tankard

Changi Internment Camp Trophy

Cup Winners' Shield 1947

An early history of Aberdeen Football Club

1937 Miniature Football Boots

North Eastern League Supplementary Cup

Celta Vigo European Souvenir

Eintracht Frankfurt 1979

The Gershon Cup

Tennents Trophy 1990

1979-80 Champions Clock

Irish Free State Harp 1934

Northern League Trophy

1927 Tour of South Africa

Pittodrie match programme 1908

European Super Cup 1983

Real Madrid Pennant

Toronto & Distrcict FA Medal 1927

Aberdeenshire Cup Poster

George McNicol's Boots

Washington Whips Christmas Card

Bobby Clark Testimonial Tankard

Chelsea Plate

Wee McDon

South Africa Tour Medal 1927

1980 League Winner's Medal

Drybrough Cup Winner's Medal

A gift from the Faroes

West Ham Wedgewood Plaque

Barcelona of Ecuador Pennant

Scottish League Goalkeeper Jersey 1952

Official Club Face Covering

Corinthian Figures

Lech Poznan Plaque
Pittodrie match programme 1908

An important and unusual additions to The Aberdeen Collection is a rather rare and precious programme from 1908. It was not issued for an Aberdeen FC match at Pittodrie, but for an International Trial match organised by the Aberdeenshire Junior FA. The game took place on the 2nd of January 1908 at Pittodrie Park between Aberdeenshire and Ayrshire and ended in a 1-1 draw.

The content of the publication is fascinating and includes photos of many local Junior sides of the day, including East-End, Mugiemoss, Favourite, Victoria Thistle, Shamrock, Inverurie Thistle, Inverurie Loco Works, Parkvale St Andrew? Athletic, Woodside, Northfield, Shamrock Athletic and Culter Some of these club still exits, but some of them have vanished into history.

The programme is bound into an outer cover (pictured) and is a fairly standard size with a yellow/orange colored card cover and glossy pages inside - unlike the usual newsprint type of paper that was usual up till the 1960s.

The Aberdeenshire team for the match was: King (East-End); Ronald (Inverurie Thistle), Murphy (Favourites; Ironside (Shamrock), Shand (Captain)(Parkvale, Ross (East-End) ; Hay (Favourites), Brown (St Andrew's Athletic), Dalgarno (Mugiemoss), Sutherland, Carrol (East-End). East-End were best represented with four players and this may present a hint of why that particular club is still around and playing within a short walk of Pittodrie.

This programme is a goldmine of old advertisements and photographs of local football officials of this this period, along with images of trophies available to local Junior football.

A further significance of the programme to AFC Heritage is that Junior football in Aberdeen was a tremendous source of players for the Dons for many years. Consequently, this is a great addition to The Aberdeen Collection which seeks to tell the widest possible story of the heritage of AFC and all associated with it.