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Aberdeen Football Club Squad
dark blue dons foreword
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Jim Leighon at the World Cup in 86
Jim Leighton
91 Caps
Alex McLeish comes up against England substitute Steve Bull in the Rous Cup Match against England at Hampden in 1989
Alex McLeish
77 Caps
Willie in action for Scotland
Willie Miller
65 Caps
Belgium midfielder Ludo Coeck (right) tries to pull back Scotland's Gordon Strachan.
Gordon Strachan
50 Caps
Stewart McKimmie in action for Scotland.
Stewart McKimmie
40 Caps

Ryan Christie
34 Caps
Martin Buchan for Scotland in Season 1977-78
Martin Buchan
34 Caps
Scott McKenna in Aberdeen Colours.
Scott McKenna
28 Caps

Kenny McLean
28 Caps
Steve Archibald in action for Scotland.
Steve Archibald
27 Caps
Jim Bett for Scotland v Norway WC Qualifier in 1989.
Jim Bett
26 Caps
Billy Dodds Celebrates after netting for Scotland against Belgium in a WC Qualifier in 2001.
Billy Dodds
26 Caps
Scott Booth in action for Scotland.
Scott Booth
22 Caps
Charlie Nicholas in action for Scotland.
Charlie Nicholas
20 Caps
Eoin Jess in action for Scotland.
Eoin Jess
18 Caps
Graham Leggat Scores against England in 1956.
Graham Leggat
18 Caps
Bobby Clark punches clear for Scotland against Brasil at Hampden in 1972.
Bobby Clark
17 Caps
Alex Jackson in Aberdeen Colours.
Alex Jackson
17 Caps
Scott Severin in action for Scotland.
Scott Severin
15 Caps
Derek Whyte in action for Scotland.
Derek Whyte
12 Caps
Jock Hutton in Aberdeen Colours.
Jock Hutton
10 Caps
Russell Anderson in action for Scotland.
Russell Anderson
10 Caps
Brian Irvine in action against Romania in a Euro Qualifier at Hampden in 1990.
Brian Irvine
9 Caps
'Big Dunc' in action for Scotland.
Duncan Shearer
7 Caps
Stuart Kennedy in Aberdeen Colours.
Stuart Kennedy
7 Caps
Peter Weir in Aberdeen Colours.
Peter Weir
6 Caps
Graeme Shinnie in Aberdeen Colours.
Graeme Shinnie
6 Caps
Fred Martin in action for Scotland.
Fred Martin
6 Caps
George Hamilton in Aberdeen Colours.
George Hamilton
5 Caps
Jim Forrest in Aberdeen Colours.
Jim Forrest
5 Caps
Dave Robb in Aberdeen Colours.
Dave Robb
5 Caps
Alec Cheyne in Aberdeen Colours.
Alec Cheyne
5 Caps
Neil Simpson in action for Scotland
Neil Simpson
5 Caps
Bobby Connor in action for Scotland.
Robert Connor
4 Caps
Lewis Ferguson in Aberdeen Colours.
Lewis Ferguson
4 Caps
Donald Colman in Aberdeen Colours.
Donald Colman
4 Caps
Joe Harper in Scotland Colours Season 1978-79.
Joe Harper
4 Caps
Kevin McNaughton in action for Scotland.
Kevin McNaughton
4 Caps
Mark McGhee watches his header beat the diving Peter Shilton to score against England.
Mark McGhee
4 Caps
Jimmy Smith in Aberdeen Colours.
Jimmy Smith
4 Caps
Matt Armstrong in action for Scotland against Wales in 1935
Matt Armstrong
3 Caps
George Mulhall in Aberdeen Colours.
George Mulhall
3 Caps
Frank Hill in Aberdeen Colours.
Frank Hill
3 Caps
Andy at Hampden
Andrew Considine
3 Caps
Andy Love in Aberdeen Colours.
Andy Love
3 Caps

Lee Miller
3 Caps

Michael Devlin
3 Caps
Paddy Buckley in Aberdeen Colours.
Paddy Buckley
3 Caps
Willie Mills in Aberdeen Colours.
Willie Mills
3 Caps
Chris Maguire in action for the Scotland U21s
Chris Maguire
2 Caps
Willie Lennie in Aberdeen Colours.
Willie Lennie
2 Caps
Stephen Wright clears his lines for Scotland's U21's as Germany's Mehmet Scholl bears down on him at Pittodrie.
Stephen Wright
2 Caps
Gary Mackay-Steven in Aberdeen Colours.
Gary Mackay-Steven
2 Caps
Archie Glen in Aberdeen Colours.
Archie Glen
2 Caps
Ernie McGarr in Aberdeen Colours.
Ernie McGarr
2 Caps
Dave Smith in Aberdeen Colours.
Dave Smith
2 Caps
Doug Rougvie proudly shows his Scotland Cap.
Doug Rougvie
1 Cap
Benny Yorston in Aberdeen Colours.
Benny Yorston
1 Cap
Archie Baird in Aberdeen Colours.
Archie Baird
1 Cap
Harry Yorston in Aberdeen Colours.
Harry Yorston
1 Cap
Robbie Winters in action for Scotland against Germany in 1999.
Robbie Winters
1 Cap
Steve Murray in Aberdeen Colours.
Steve Murray
1 Cap
Stewart McKimmie
Stewart McKimmie in action for Scotland. Aberdeen born McKimmie joined the Dons in 1983 in time to make his European debut for the Dons in the European Super Cup against Hamburg. A relative late arrival on the international scene, McKimmie had been at Pittodrie for six years before making his international debut. Stewart has the distinction of being the only Aberdeen player to score the winning goal against the World Champions when he scored against Argentina at Hampden in 1989-90.

He also scored the goal that secured the Dons Premier league title in 1984. McKimmie Played for Scotland at Italia 90, Euro 92 and Euro 96. His last Scotland appearance was against England at Wembley in 1996.

Stewart also had the distinction of leading Aberdeen to the League Cup in 1995, captaining the Dons to glory against his old club Dundee at Hampden. He played more than 500 games for the Dons before joining Dundee United in 1997. Stewart remains Aberdeen's most capped full back in their history and received a Testimonial in 1994 against Blackburn Rovers at Pittodrie.

Scottish International Caps
Season Date Match Tournament
1995-96 15/06/96 England v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Finals
1995-96 10/06/96 Holland v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Finals
1995-96 29/05/96 Columbia v SCOTLAND Friendly
1995-96 24/04/96 Denmark v SCOTLAND Friendly
1995-96 11/10/95 Sweden v SCOTLAND Friendly
1995-96 06/09/95 SCOTLAND v Finland Euro Championship Qualifier
1995-96 16/08/95 SCOTLAND v Greece Euro Championship Qualifier
1994-95 07/06/95 Faroe Islands v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Qualifier
1994-95 29/03/95 Russia v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Qualifier
1994-95 18/12/94 Greece v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Qualifier
1994-95 16/11/94 SCOTLAND v Russia Euro Championship Qualifier
1994-95 12/10/94 SCOTLAND v Faroe Islands Euro Championship Qualifier
1994-95 07/09/94 Finland v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Qualifier
1993-94 27/05/94 Holland v SCOTLAND Friendly
1993-94 20/04/94 Austria v SCOTLAND Friendly
1993-94 23/03/94 SCOTLAND v Holland Friendly
1993-94 13/10/93 Italy v SCOTLAND World Cup Qualifier
1993-94 08/09/93 SCOTLAND v Switzerland World Cup Qualifier
1992-93 02/06/93 SCOTLAND v Estonia World Cup Qualifier
1992-93 28/04/93 Portugal v SCOTLAND World Cup Qualifier
1991-92 18/06/92 Commonwealth Of Independent States v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Finals
1991-92 15/06/92 Germany v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Finals
1991-92 12/06/92 Holland v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Finals
1991-92 03/06/92 Norway v SCOTLAND Friendly
1991-92 20/05/92 Canada v SCOTLAND Friendly
1991-92 17/05/92 Usa v SCOTLAND Friendly
1991-92 25/03/92 SCOTLAND v Finland Friendly
1991-92 19/02/92 SCOTLAND v Northern Ireland Friendly
1991-92 16/10/91 Romania v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Qualifier
1991-92 11/09/91 Switzerland v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Qualifier
1990-91 01/05/91 San Marino v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Qualifier
1990-91 14/11/90 Bulgaria v SCOTLAND Euro Championship Qualifier
1990-91 17/10/90 SCOTLAND v Switzerland Euro Championship Qualifier
1990-91 12/09/90 SCOTLAND v Romania Euro Championship Qualifier
1989-90 20/06/90 Brazil v SCOTLAND World Cup Finals
1989-90 11/06/90 Costa Rica v SCOTLAND World Cup Finals
1989-90 16/05/90 SCOTLAND v Egypt Friendly
1989-90 28/03/90 SCOTLAND v Argentina Friendly
1988-89 30/05/89 SCOTLAND v Chile Rous Cup
1988-89 27/05/89 SCOTLAND v England Rous Cup
Total Appearances: 40