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black out offenders fined

"BLACK-OUT" OFFENDERS FINED WHAT ABERDEEN POLICE SAW ON AIR TRIP MANY LIGHTS WERE SHOWING The "black-out" order in Aberdeen is not being as strictly complied with as it should. A few nights ago the police flew over the city and detected quite a number of lights showing to the sky. This was mentioned in Aberdeen Sheriff Court to-day when Sheriff Dallas dealt with a number of offenders against the Lighting Restriction Order. A fine of 10/- was imposed on Mrs Riccoboni Brattesani, 46 Justice Street. In the early hours of the morning the police had seen a brightly lit window in accused's house. She had previously been warned.

NOT PROPERLY OBEYED Emphasising the necessity for a strict compliance with the Order, the Fiscal said that people moving about the town would probably get the impression that the regulations were being faithfully obeyed because, in many cases, lights were not showing very brilliantly. A few nights ago, however, the police had flown over the town, and the view they got was that the Order was not being obeyed as it should. People might unconsciously be allowing lights to show in skylights. The police would like that to be known.

WASHING HER STAIRS A fine of 5/- was imposed on Mrs Margaret Thomson, 1 Links Street, who had also received a warning. Next night the police noticed a light in a window in the stair. They found Mrs Thomson washing the stairs in the light of a candle which had been placed on an un-curtained window. "I'm damned if I'll put it out until I've washed my stairs," Mrs Thomson told the police, who extinguished the candle.

MOTOR VEHICLES Four men were fined when they admitted breaches of the Lighting Order in respect of motor vehicles. Alexander Burnett, bus proprietor, South Street, Mintlaw, and Alexander Brown, bus driver, 23 South Street, Mintlaw, were each fined £2. A bus driven by Brown on the Aberdeen-Ellon road had not its lights properly obscured. After passing Balmedie the driver switched on his headlights, said the Fiscal. Twice pedestrians had shaken warning fists at the driver. The bus went through Ellon on sidelights but, clear of the town, Brown again put on his headlights. He was, however, stopped by two special policemen. An agent said Brown got a scare through nearly running into a cyclist. That caused him to put on his headlights. James S Livingston, showman, 16 1/2 Young Street, Aberdeen, who drove a car in Holburn Street, Aberdeen, without having his lights properly dimmed, was fined 30/-. Young said he had driven from the south of England without being checked.

SPOTTED BY PATROL How a police patrol saw a glare in the sky was described when Robert T Ewen, plasterer, 55 Orchard Street, Aberdeen, admitted driving a car on the Aberdeen - Ellon road without having his lights properly obscured. "What's the regulations?" accused asked when charged. He was fined 20/-.

Source : Evening Express Tuesday September 19th, 1939

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