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home baking


I have rarely read such utter rot as "English Housewife" wrote, and all I can say is the lady must mix in very strange circles. Here I am, the mother of four husky children, all of them teen-age but one, and with immense appetites. I have a six-foot husband who weighs over 14st. and, believe me, neither his sturdy frame nor the children's are kept up on bakers' produce from the baker! Good Heavens, what fool can't make pastry? Where in England (where he served nearly all the war years) did my husband enjoy Scotch broth, haggis and jam tart (our midday meal yesterday)? He tells me they just do not know how to serve a really satisfying meal and that all the boasting about roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is much ballyhoo. Very often, he says, the Yorkshire pud. is just a heavy soggy mess. At Christmas time I made my own mincemeat, nine pounds of delicious cake, and the daily baking of oven scones, plus buns, rock cakes, etc., and I am not alone in that. Most of my friends did the same, saving the precious ingredients to do so. Every birthday in this house is celebrated by a lovely homemade iced cake being made and cut by the birthday owner. It's all taken for granted because it has always been done. Tell your correspondent to be sure of her facts next time she appears in print. I think she's a downright blether? "Fair Scunnert." 

Source: Evening Express Friday February 13th, 1953

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