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new dee bridge

Is a New Bridge Over the Dee Necessary?

Sir, I have read with interest your report of the visitation of the members of the Town Council to the site of the proposed new bridge over the river Dee. It seems there is a strong difference of opinion amongst the members as to where the bridge should be built and the line of route it should take to give the best results. I not surprised at this lack of unanimity, as, in my opinion, the proposed bridge is altogether unnecessary, and it is not going to give any adequate return for the big expense involved in its construction and maintenance for many years to come. The new bridge will not relieve the traffic, to any appreciable extent, as no motorist or driver would be foolish enough to make a long and awkward detour by Whinhill when he can meantime drive direct over the present bridge into the centre of the city, via Holborn Street, or take at, once the bypass road for the north. The real solution of the present difficulty of coping with the increased traffic would be the re-construction or widening of the present bridge. We are told that the bridge is now an ancient monument, but surely ancient monuments in the shape of bridges serving the main artery into a busy town should give way to present-day requirements.

Has there been any pressure brought to bear on this point by the authorities? A beautiful, wide, and graceful bridge could be built on the present site, if permission was granted, which would be an asset to the city. Failing this - if we have to bow to sentiment and old-world ideas - would not permission be granted to widen and strengthen the present bridge, preserving the present outline, in the same way as was done to Union Bridge? It would be a thousand pities also if, by the construction of the Whinhill bridge, a big slice of our fine park - the gift of Miss Duthie to the town - were taken away. The beautiful rose garden, which has been a delight to the citizens for many years, the fine avenue of trees, and the lodge would all have to go. We are proud of the many fine improvements which have taken place in our city during the past fifty years - the widening of Union Terrace, the parks, the Beach boulevard, Hazlehead, etc. The new road to the beach will also be a great asset, as will also be the widening of the Bridge of Don, long overdue. If my suggestion with regard to the bridge of Dee can be carried out, the Victoria Bridge widened, and a new suspension bridge over the Dee at Craiginches, these bridges will be sufficient for the increased traffic for the next 100 years. - St Nicholas.

Source: Aberdeen Press and Journal Thursday September 19th, 1935

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