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planning outer ring road for aberdeen

Long-term plans for suburban Aberdeen, including what may be the final line of the proposed new Ring Road for the city, will come before Aberdeenshire Planning Committee on Friday. Ring Road No.2 - the first (Anderson Drive) has been swallowed up in housing expansion westwards - will incorporate about five miles of new highways and a viaduct over the Dee. It is being designed a by-pass through north and south-bound traffic, linking the main south road to Stonehaven plan for the Aberdeen suburban with the Aberdeen - Inverness area road beyond Bankhead. Plans for the Outer Ring Road have been the subject of negotiation between the Town Council and the County Council for a number of years. In the summer of 1949 the Town Council asked the county whether road communications could be made to link up with the proposed Outer Ring Road at the city boundary on Mid Stocket Road, north-west of Oldmlll Hospital. 

Long Discussions Since then there have been long discussions between city and county technicians. According to the original plan the new road was to proceed north-westwards from Mid Stocket Road, passing slightly to the west of Sheddocksley and Redmyres farms and slightly to the east of Hope Farm, reaching the Aberdeen - Inverurie trunk road near Forrit Brae. Then, expanding housing by both city and county had to be taken into consideration. There was a variance of opinion between city and county as to the line of the new Ring Road northwards from Mid Stocket Road. Aberdeen Corporation?s concern was to ensure a link-up with Provost Rust Drive which had been built to serve as a main radial leading north-westwards from the city. When the Joint Planning Advisory Committee discussed the proposals last summer the Corporation representatives thought that the line of the new road could not serve as a ring road for the city but merely a bypass. 

Alternatives To accommodate the city, the county technicians worked out an alternative alignment, showing the road proceeding northwards from Mid Stocket Road - parallel to the city boundary - as far as a point near the North Lodge of Springhill. From there the plan was to continue the road northwards as a ring road for the city and another branch to go at right angles westwards, curving north westwards across the Bucks Burn above Bucksburn House and reaching the main Aberdeen-Inverurie road at the point originally proposed. But once again the Corporation representatives disagreed with the line of the road In that it precluded Provost Rust Drive as a main radial northwestwards. The technicians got busy again and designed a Y junction ay a point to the west of Bucksburn Farm, one of the roads linking up with Provost Rust Drive. This was approved by the Joint Planning Advisory Committee who recommended its incorporation in the development plan for the Aberdeen suburban area. That is the recommendation which the County Planning Committee will be asked to discuss on Friday.

Source : Evening Express Tuesday February 13th, 1951

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