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playing football on the highway is an offence

THE ROAD AS A PLAYGROUND. The law forbidding the use of the road as a playground (says the "Autocar") is found negatively stated in a number of cases holding that the right of the public upon a highway is merely a right of passage for the purpose of legitimate travel, and it is put positively in Section 72 of the Highways Act, 1835. Playing at football or any other game on any part of the highway to the annoyance of any passengers is an offence ranking with riding or driving upon the footpath, tethering animals thereon, injuring or obstructing the road, damaging the banks, direction posts, or milestones, pitching tents, or making fires on the highway, baiting bulls, laying timber, suffering filth to run thereon, or in any way wilfully obstructing the free passage of the highway. Apart from general principles, the driving of motor cars on the highway is authorised by the Light Locomotives Act, 1896 and the Motor Car Act, 1903, so that the motorist is a person who is legally entitled to feel annoyed, whatever may be the moral aspect of the matter, and may personally express his annoyance by taking proceedings himself without troubling any local authority or other intermediary; anyone may apply for the summons which is heard by the justices, and the Act applies equally to town or country. 

Source : The Aberdeen Daily Journal Saturday April 3rd, 1909

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