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sfa warning

Celtic F.C. Get Stern S.F.A. Warning    Ground-Closed Threat If More Scenes    IF THERE ARE ANY MORE SCENES AT CELTIC PARK, THE GROUND MAY BE CLOSED 
This stern warning was given to-day by the referee committee of the Scottish Football Association, making public their decision on how to prevent rowdyism by spectators at future Celtic v. Rangers matches. The committee met on Monday to consider suggestions made by Glasgow magistrates, following the uproar during the New Year’s Day match against Rangers at Parkhead when eleven spectators were arrested. The proposal that the New Year’s Day fixture be abandoned was not adopted.

Findings What have the committee done to make sure “that further outbreaks of a similar nature will not be tolerated?” They have: Placed responsibility for the conduct of the club's supporters squarely on the shoulders of Celtic and told the Parkhead officials: "It will not be accepted as a discharge of that responsibility merely to say they have employed a sufficient number of police who, in any event, cannot take action until misconduct has occurred."

Recommended Celtic to co-operate with the city engineer and the police In the construction of numbered passageways at each end of the ground, unless there are structural difficulties which cannot he overcome.

Ordered Celtic not to fly on match days any flags or emblems which have no association with this country or the game. (The flag of Eire has flown over Parkhead since 1921.) Told Celtic and Rangers to take all steps prevent the flaunting of provocative flags and emblems by spectators at these matches and to discourage any display of sectarian sentiments by club supporters which, the committee feel, is at the root of these disturbances.

Players Praised After the disapproval, the committee have words of praise. For the players: "The committee commend both teams for their exemplary behaviour on the field on New Year’s Day despite the scenes." For most spectators: “Thousands of spectators who attend and enjoy matches every week adopt a sporting attitude - only a small proportion is involved in misconduct." Well, that’s the official decision. None of the recommendations strike an original note. But, while many neutrals may feel stronger action should have been taken, it is difficult to see what more the committee could have done to avoid spoiling the sport of the great majority of decent, sporting supporters of the clubs.

Source: Evening Express Wednesday February 13th, 1952

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