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small dogs only

Small Dogs Only. The admission of small dogs to the top decks of the Aberdeen tramcars, though it is quite a fair and reasonable compromise, will probably be of little value to those who were most desirous of the concession. A small dog, it may be surmised, is one that can be carried by the owner, and the majority of persons who own and take about such animals are women. Most women, and especially those over a certain age, eschew the top deck of tramcars; some because they do not care for the smokeladen atmosphere, others because they do not care to or cannot climb the stairs. There is little or no danger from the size of dog for which permission has been given, so long as the animal is leashed or controlled, but it can be imagined that the amenities of the top deck will not be improved if, as may happen, two or more dogs take a dislike to one another, or for some other reason set up a yelping match. But perhaps the real trouble of the concession will come in the argument with the conductor as to what constitutes a small dog. It will save snarling on the part of the dog's owner and time on the part of all if it is made a rule that in such a matter the conductor's decision is final.

Source : Aberdeen Press and Journal Tuesday April 3rd 1928

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