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On This Day: 9 December

1989: A magical display by Aberdeen pulled Dundee United up short with goals from Charlie Nicholas and Paul Mason.

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1939: Eastern Clubs Are In Bad Straits

"If this war lasts much longer you will be able to count on the fingers of one hand the clubs in the Eastern League that are solvent. And you won?t need the thumb." These were the serious words which Mr Alec Irvine, Hearts' chairman, used when we had a talk about the soccer situation of the moment. And anyone who listened could not doubt that he was speaking sincerely. Add to that the fact that Mr McCartney, Hibs' manager, has hinted that it may be necessary in the near future to cut the wages of players down from the present figure of £2 per week. This shows how serious matters are with clubs in this eastern section. Yet it cannot be said the public are not now keen on football. I was in Newcastle at the week-end and saw ample evidence of how anxious the followers are to see a game that holds any promise of thrill. At St James' Park a fence runs round the ground, and until the gates of this are opened the public cannot reach the turnstiles. More than an hour before the kick-off time there was a queue round three-quarters of the ground four deep waiting to get near enough to pay their money. That proves the demand is still there. What is absent is the supply, especially in this Eastern Section. Put bluntly, I should say the position is that there are too many fixtures in that section that offer no contest. One man put it pat when he was describing a game he saw recently. Said he "If it had been on a ground where there were greyhounds the hooter for no race would have been sounded before they played ten minutes." Now, I cannot imagine that the Scottish League wish to see a big number of their members forced into bankruptcy. But it seems that is exactly what will happen unless the situation is faced immediately.

The Remedy What is the remedy? It is the bold one - always unpleasant - of admitting that a mistake has been made. It means getting back as soon as possible to the league as we knew it before Hitler's mania became manifest. Rangers, Celtic, Motherwell, and others would still draw big crowds in Edinburgh. The Eastern teams who were in the former First Division would still find a visit to the West as profitable as ever. Obstacles will be raised. There is not one of them that cannot be overcome. You will be told of the difficulty of Aberdeen travelling to the West. The reply to that is that the difference in the journey from Aberdeen to Glasgow and from Aberdeen to Edinburgh is but a matter of minutes. It is a matter of urgency. Surely the Scottish League do not want to see half their members reduced to pauperdom. Unless they examine the position immediately that will be the state of affairs.

Source: The People's Journal Saturday December 9th, 1939


1907: FOOTBALL IN ABERDEEN. Those who do not interest themselves in football, or read the reports of the matches, will probably be surprised at the enormous amount of interest created by the Scottish League match between the Dundee and Aberdeen teams at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, on Saturday. For nearly two hours crowds flocked from all directions to the scene of the match, and a special service of than 32 tramway cars was provided to convey spectators to the ground. Even this extended service, however, was hopelessly inadequate to cope with the traffic, and thousands of people walked to the ground, while practically every cab in the city was engaged for a time. The sum drawn at the gates of the football ground and for admission to the stands reached the huge total of £398 9s 5d, which the officials state represents an attendance of fully 15,000. This constitutes a record for football in Aberdeen in the matter of drawings, the next highest sum having been taken at the Aberdeen v. Queen's Park Scottish Cup tie match in January, 1905. On that occasion £348 was drawn.

Visitors came into the town from all directions, many taking advantage of the week-end fares on the ordinary trains, although, of course, the great majority came in with the specials. The first large contingent to arrive was that from Elgin and the coast by the ordinary train, which arrived a few minutes before one o'clock. There were about 200 excursionists, a special low fare all over the line having been granted by the Great North of Scotland Railway Company. A special run by the Great North was from Peterhead and Fraserburgh, which conveyed about 300 passengers. With regard to the south, two special trains were run from Dundee, both arriving between one and two o'clock. These trains were crowded with enthusiasts from Jutepolis, who had come to cheer their team to victory. It is calculated that, what with railway fares, admission money, fares for street conveyances, and "incidentals," a sum of between £800 and £1000 was spent in connection with the match. In spite of the excitement which the match created, the Aberdeen police report that the behaviour of the street crowds on Saturday night was remarkably good, the evening being the quietest they have experienced for a considerable time.

Source : The Aberdeen Daily Journal Monday December 9th, 1907


<b>Medical School Model 1936: Foresterhill Building in Miniature SEEN BY UNIVERSITY COURT Members of Aberdeen University Court had an opportunity yesterday of examining a model of the £100,000 medical school to be built at Foresterhill. The model was on view at the Court meeting and gave an impressive idea of what the building, which will be of reinforced concrete with granite facings, will be like. A photograph of the model appears on page 12. Already work has begun on the construction of the building and it is expected that it will be completed in about a year and a half. It will be immediately to the right of the main entrance to the Royal Infirmary, just beyond the porter's lodge.

Complete School The school will be complete in the training it will provide. In it will be accommodated the clinical, chemistry, pathology, bacteriology, medicine, surgery, midwifery, and materia medica departments, while it is probable that the public health and forensic medicine departments will also be included. It will meet all the requirements of third, fourth, and fifth year students of the medical faculty.

 Only Two Lecture-Rooms There will be only two lecture-rooms - a large and a smaller one - and the practice of giving each professor a classroom has thus been dispensed with. There will be a large museum common to all the departments. The architects are Messrs Pite, Son, and Fairweather, London.

Source : Aberdeen Press and Journal Wednesday December 9th, 1936



This year the leading shops have commenced their decorations and Christmas display much earlier than usual. It is the custom about this time of the year to make the winter exhibitions a speciality, and to display many ingenious inventions. In this matter Messrs Elrick & Macpherson, Guild Street, are well worthy of special notice. Their display is of interest to both old and young. Although it cannot said that the weather has been what is usually called seasonable, yet the cold has been severe, and many a wet day has been apt to dampen the spirits, not to speak of the bodies, of holiday-seekers. There can no doubt we shall be having our seasonable weather within the next month or so, and that means drizzling sleet and snow. Nobody can deny that without bodily comfort the real enjoyment of Christmas festivities is impossible. Messrs Elrick & Macpherson understand this, and make a grand display of overcoats, waterproofs, leggings, snow boots. &c., &c., for all classes and both sexes. Besides this department, this firm display a vast collection of unbreakable toys which are expected to bring joy to the younger part of the community. Every description of toy is displayed - human figures, all kinds of animals, and a great number of balls. The figures are moulded and coloured in a most tasteful manner. The great advantage these toys have over other kinds is that they are indestructible. It is here that the advantage of the india-rubber toy comes in. These toys can stand a good deal of hard usage and be none the worse for it. The windows of Messrs Elrick & Macpherson are most tastefully done up. In one is to be noticed a winter scene; the ground is white with snow, and down the centre there a broad slide of ice. All the articles in the window are touched with snow, and it is a pleasing sight when the window is lighted up to witness the glittering scene. The other window is filled with toys, footballs, and a number of other articles which are worth looking at. 

Messrs Walker & Company, 19 Bridge Street, have this year made extensive alterations on their premises in order to meet the large increase in their business, which yearly is becoming more extensive. The crowds of people who at this time of the year almost block their place of business and put many of their customers about, are still increasing. To prevent this crushing, Messrs Walker & Company have thrown open other two floors of their premises, which will greatly facilitate intending purchasers in the selection of their goods. Of the windows, one is packed with elegant cloth -bound books and books in handsome leather binding, comprising the poets, sets of Dickens, Scott, Thackeray, George Eliot, George MacDonald, &c. Among these there is an admirable selection of books suitable as gifts for boys or girls. In fact, this window is so tastefully done up with readable books and other interesting matter that one need not wonder that children are constantly peering in with wistful eyes. In window Number 2 are displayed a number of ladies' and gentlemen's leather hand-bags - a specialty with Messrs Walker & Co. - photographic albums, photographic frames, ladies' companions, and workboxes, besides a large number of magic lanterns at all possible prices. Inside, on the first floor, there are two tables containing Christmas cards; arranged according to price. There is also a bookcase stocked with the volumes of the poets for the convenience of purchasers. On the second floor there are also three tables, containing cards and booklets, also arranged according to price, and when it is mentioned that, in addition to their glass cases, there are 1047 shelves, of about three feet each, packed with books in all departments of literature, in this flat, the public can have some conception of the extensive selection of books for the Christmas season. Another article worth mentioning is the heather Christmas cards of the firm's own make. These Christmas cards are very suitable for sending abroad, well as to England, as mementos to Scotchmen of their hillsides and glens.

Source : Aberdeen Evening Express Wednesday December 9th, 1891

Born on this Day
1921 Archie Kelly Centre Forward  
1884 Cody Mutch Goalkeeper  
1902 Jimmy Hickie Right back  
1896 Tom Pirie Centre Half  
1941 Willie Callaghan Outside Right Age: 81
1980 Lee Mair Defender Age: 42
1959 David Scott Right Back Age: 63
1959 Doalty Sweeney Left Back Age: 63
1984 Adam Collin Goalkeeper Age: 38
Died on this Day
1943 James Lyon Left Back  
1969 James Dalgarno Centre Forward  
2004 Jimmy Gauld Outside Right  
Aberdeen Results on 9 December
Year Result Competition Venue Att.
2006 Aberdeen 2-1 Falkirk SPL Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen Click here to watch the Highlights of Aberdeen v Falkirk now on RedTV (Subscription Required) 10,594
1997 Aberdeen 0-2 Celtic Premier Division Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 16,981
1995 Aberdeen 1-0 Motherwell Premier Division Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 11,229
1989 Aberdeen 2-0 Dundee United Premier Division Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 15,500
1987 Aberdeen 3-1 Falkirk Premier Division Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 8,000
1981 Hamburg 3-1 Aberdeen UEFA Cup R3 2L Volksparkstadion, Hamburg 45,000
1978 Celtic 0-0 Aberdeen Premier Division Celtic Park, Glasgow 24,000
1972 Aberdeen 0-0 Arbroath Div 1 (Old) Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 8,354
1967 Kilmarnock 3-0 Aberdeen Div 1 (Old) Rugby Park, Kilmarnock 8,755
1961 Aberdeen 5-2 Airdrie Scottish Cup R1 Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 8,800
1950 Aberdeen 4-2 Motherwell Div 1 (Old) Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 20,000
1944 Aberdeen 2-0 Raith Rovers North Eastern League Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 5,000
1939 Kings Park 2-1 Aberdeen Regional League East Forthbank Park, Stirling 2,000
1933 Heart of Midlothian 0-0 Aberdeen Div 1 (Old) Tynecastle, Edinburgh 15,000
1922 Aberdeen 1-0 Clyde Div 1 (Old) Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 10,000
1916 Hibernian 3-3 Aberdeen Div 1 (Old) Easter Road, Edinburgh 6,500
1911 Partick Thistle 3-1 Aberdeen Div 1 (Old) Firhill, Glasgow 10,000
1905 Celtic 1-0 Aberdeen Div 1 (Old) Celtic Park, Glasgow 12,000
1899 Forfar Athletic 6-1 Victoria United Northern League Station Park, Forfar
1899 Orion 2-0 The Aberdeen Northern League Cattofield, Aberdeen
1893 Victoria United 6-3 Strathmore, Dundee Northern League Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
1893 Orion 4-2 Brechin Friendly Central Park, Aberdeen
1893 Stonehaven 4-9 The Aberdeen Friendly