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match report 1894-95 fixture list
Scottish Cup Second Round Replay 
Orion 5 - 0 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Benzie, Thom, Leggat, Leggat, Leggat        
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Perhaps no one - not even the most biased partisan - who witnessed the match between Orion and Victoria United a week ago would have seriously affirmed that on the second meeting the former club would win by five goals to nil - yet such was the result of the encounter on Saturday. The occasion of the match was the replaying of a tie in the second round of the Scottish Cup competitions. When first the clubs met the result of a stubbornly contested game was a draw of four goals each. Both teams put in a lot of training for the second meeting, and the general expectation was that another close and exciting match would be witnessed. Events proved, however, that cricket has not a monopoly of "glorious uncertainty," and when the referee's whistle had sounded at the, close of the ninety minutes' play not a few people found it difficult to realise that the result of the game was - Orion 5, Victoria United 0. The match took place on Orion's ground at Cattofield, and there was perhaps a record attendance for Aberdeen. The crowd was estimated to number nearly 6000, and the money drawn at the gates amounted to about 65, the largest sum ever taken at the low prices. Ideal football weather was experienced, neither wind nor sun troubling the players, Victoria United took the field first in the familiar blue jerseys, and the men were accorded a hearty cheer. A still more enthusiastic reception greeted the Orion players when they appeared a few minutes later, clad in pink and white striped shirts. Victoria United won the toss, and committed the fatal mistake of setting Orion to kick-off downhill. Probably the Blues had thought it better not to have to play an "uphill" game in the second half, but this they had to do indeed with a vengeance. When the teams lined up it was seen that the players were: Orion: Edwards; Mackay, Ross; Dawson, Low, Currie; Benzie, Thom, Gloag, Leggat, Stopani. Victoria United: Sim; Anderson, Ririe; Morrice, Ritchie, Annand; Macpherson, Macfarlane, Forsyth, Clark, Ferries. Mr T. Lamb, St Bernard, Edinburgh, was referee and the linesmen were Messrs W. Thomson and P. Simpson.

Gloag kicked off, but the Blues speedily took possession of the leather, and by some neat passing got dangerously near Orion's goal. Mackay was there, however, and kicked out in splendid style. Orion tried to break away, but again the United scampered off with the ball. Three times in quick succession did they make a gallant attempt to score, but on the first occasion a fine long shot by Annand just went behind; on the second, Dawson relieved with a magnificent kick; and the third attempt was cleverly frustrated by Edwards, who grassed Macpherson amid some excitement. But Orion had had quite enough of this, and a well-concerted run took them into their opponents' lines. Ririe sent them about after the ball, which they speedily secured again and renewed the siege. Sim was called out several times. As the Stripes swarmed round the lower goal, and shot after shot was sent in, the spectators shouted themselves hoarse. There was no scoring, however. It was apparent from the commencement almost that the players had lost their heads somewhat, and there was much wild kicking and loose, ineffective play in the open. Several visits were paid to each goal. After fifteen minutes' play a foul against Victoria United for a "hand" allowed Orion to get well down. Leggat cleverly passed to Benzie, who headed the ball through, and scored the first goal of the game, an achievement which was hailed with deafening cheers. It was thought the players would now settle down to more accurate work, but play was still loose and reckless. Soon after this Annand injured himself by a charge, and had to retire. He did not reappear again in the first half. Still the Victoria United played the more systematic game in the open, but they were faulty at goalmouth. Orion took better advantage of their opportunities, and after some fine heading, in which Thom figured conspicuously, the ball was banged through the United's goal, and Orion stood two up. Morrice about this time had to be cautioned by the referee. Orion had another good attempt, but the ball went wide. Some pretty passing followed the kick-out, and Leggat, having got the leather from Stopani, scored a third goal. Victoria United were having a share of the play, but their efforts at goalmouth were still fruitless. Towards the end of the first period Orion again broke away, and Leggat once more scored - the prettiest goal of the match. The whistle sounded with the ball in midfield.

Play was resumed after the usual interval. With the formidable odds of four goals to nothing against them Victoria United, even although they now had to play downhill, had an almost hopeless task in hand. Yet they played with much pluck, but do as they might they could not score, Clark, in particular, had some fine tries, but Orion's defence was impenetrable, Mackay, Ross, and Edwards playing a magnificent game. In the coarse of one of their raids the Stripes added another point, Leggat again being responsible. There was no further scoring, and Orion thus "crossed the second hurdle" with the handsome majority of five goals. As has been indicated, play generally was very poor, and not a patch upon that of the previous week. On their more effective play at goalmouth Orion undoubtedly deserved to win, but the score is not a fair index of the merits of the respective teams. Orion owe much to the magnificent saving of Edwards, Mackay, and Ross, and the accurate shooting of Leggat. This is the first beating Victoria United have received this season.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 1st October 1894

Orion Teamsheet:  Edwards; Mackay, Ross; Dawson, Low, Currie; Benzie, Thom, Gloag, Leggat, Stopani


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Sim; Anderson, Ririe; Morrice, Ritchie, Annand; Macpherson, Macfarlane, Forsyth, Clark, Ferries


Referee: Mr. T. Lamb, St. Bernard, Edinburgh

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