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match report 1894-95 fixture list
Scottish Cup Third Round 
Orion 3 - 1 Inverness Thistle
Kick Off:    Dawson, Leggat, Opponent o.g.       Fraser  
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
The match between these clubs in the third round of the Scottish Cup ties, which was expected to result in an easy win for the Aberdeen club, proved in its early stages of an interesting and even exciting character, but eventually ended in a somewhat tame victory for the ground club. Played at Cattofield Park, where about 2000 spectators had assembled, the game was commenced in bitterly cold weather, with a strong north-easterly breeze, and heavy drizzling showers. The conditions, however, improved as play proceeded, and eventually became enjoyable enough from a player's if not from a spectator's point of view. The teams were: Orion: Edwards; Ross, McKay; Dawson, Low, Currie; Benzie, Thom, Gloag, Leggat, Stopani. Inverness Thistle: Fraser; Walls, Fotheringham; Chisholm, Michie, McIntosh; Fraser, Groat, D. Chisholm, McPherson, Kennedy. Mr Peter Simpson, Victoria United, was referee.

Promptly at three o'clock Gloag, for Orion, set the ball in motion downhill. The strangers opened with a rush, and Orion's defence was the first to be called upon. The danger, however, was but momentary, and the Orion forwards, despite a series of checks by the hard-working half-backs of the Thistle, made their way to within reach of the strangers' goal. A free kick fell to Orion about 20 yards from the goal. The duty was entrusted to Dawson, and he justified his selection by making the ball skim swiftly into the goalmouth, and, after touching the head of one of the Inverness players, go through the goal. It was a pretty shot, and well deserved its success. Orion did not long enjoy their ascendancy. The Thistle resumed with the vigour which characterised their play from start to finish, and after some fine work by the right wing pair, who were prominent throughout, Fraser equalised with a swift cross shot, which Edwards was quite unable to negotiate. This success inspired the Highlanders, and for a time Orion got more than they gave. What it lacked in science, the play of the visitors made up by its vigour and determination, which contrasted strongly with the languid style of several of the home players. In stopping the rushes Low, at centre half-back, was invaluable. The Orion forwards made frequent rushes, which time after time were rendered ineffective by blunders on the part now of one player and now of another. Their intentions were good, but their attempts to fulfil them were wretched. For the non-success of the attack, however, credit is also due to the Inverness backs, Walls and Fotheringham, two stalwart fellows, who increased the reputation which they gained on tho previous Saturday. When half-time: arrived the scores were still equal?one goal each.

On restarting Orion, who had now to play uphill, and without the advantage of the wind, which had by this time greatly fallen away, apparently realised the serious nature of their position. They started with a will, but again looseness at close quarters spoiled their efforts. For a considerable period they had decidedly the best of the play, but partly on account of their opponents' merits and their own defects, they were unable to turn the advantage to account. Three corners were secured, but all were fruitless. At length, however, Leggatt found an opening, and with a good shot gave his club tho lead. Five minutes later, during a skirmish at close quarters, tho ball went through the Inverness goal off one of tho backs. Orion believing victory now secure, and Inverness apparently thinking it was impossible to make up their leeway, play fell away considerably, as did the the interest of tho spectators. Time was called soon afterwards with the scores unchanged, Orion 3, Inverness Thistle 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 15th October 1894

Orion Teamsheet:  Edwards; Ross, McKay; Dawson, Low, Currie; Benzie, Thom, Gloag, Leggat, Stopani


Inverness Thistle Teamsheet:  Fraser; Walls, Fotheringham; S. Chisholm, Michie, McIntosh; Fraser, Groat, D. Chisholm, McPherson, Kennedy


Referee: Mr. Peter Simpson, Victoria United

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