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AFC - Match Report
match report 1894-95 fixture list
Victoria United 1 - 1 Dundee A
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   Forsyth       Ririe (o.g.)  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
A large crowd assembled at Victoria Bridge Grounds to witness the match between Victoria United and the reserve eleven of Dundee. A few minutes from the start the ball glanced off James Ririe's foot and went through the home goal. This was naturally somewhat discouraging to the home side. However, their play showed no sign of it on restarting, and they were soon within shooting range, but bad marksmanship lost their chance. They continued to pay frequent visits to the Dundee goal, but the strong defence set up there rendered their efforts to find an opening of no avail. The home forwards were pressing dangerously round the Dundee citadel when the referee's whistle blew, with the strangers still one goal to the good.

The home team resumed in a manner which gave their supporters the utmost satisfaction. During the first, half of the period the ball was almost continually in Dundee territory, and this notwithstanding strenuous efforts by the strangers to shake off their opponents. Victoria United, however, showed that weakness in goalmouth which seems to be common to the Aberdeen clubs, and notwithstanding all their advantages the period was well advanced before they got on level terms. The successful shot, which came from Forsyth's foot, was a capital effort. From this point onwards the home team continued to have the best of the play, but they were unable to turn their advantage to account. It must be stated, however, that at times they were decidedly unfortunate, but the fact remains that, with better shooting and more judgment at close quarters, the Dundee defence, strong as it was, might have been pierced, and the home team might have claimed a victory. The concluding stages of the game were marred by some rough play and also by darkness which set in some time before the finish. The game ended in a draw: one goal each.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 29th October 1894

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