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match report 1894-95 fixture list
Victoria United 10 - 1 Montrose
Kick Off:    Clark, Forsyth, Forsyth, o.g., Caie, Morrice, Forsyth, Clark, Forsyth, McFarlane       Dickie  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Coming to Aberdeen with the reputation of their recent excellent performances the Montrose players were expected - whether vanquished or victorious - to make a creditable appearance. But this they failed to do, and Victoria United won a poor game by ten goals to one. The teams were: Montrose: Alexander; E. Allan, A. Allan ; Duncan, McIntosh, Downie; Dickie, Stiven, Millar, Gibb, Cobb. United: Sim; Thompson, J. Ririe; Morrice, N. Ririe, Annand; Morrison, McFarlane, Caie, Forsyth, Clark. Mr Phillip (Orion) was referee.

Rain, which had fallen until within a short time of the kick-off, had made the ground soft and heavy. The home team, who played towards the east goal, were near their opponents' citadel within a few minutes from the start, and Clark with a good shot opened the scoring. Very shortly afterward a Forsyth added two more points. This success surprised at the same time that it delighted the supporters of the home club. When the bail was restarted, however, the Montrose forwards brought off a capital dash; their attack was all the more effective by reason of its suddenness, and Dickie scored a neat goal. The effort, however, was not sustained, and before long the United were again having the best of matters. In front of goal their play was loose and haphazard, and this nullified many of their efforts. Their fourth goal was not secured till the period was well advanced, and was due partly to a misunderstanding between the backs and the custodian, who had previously kept their opponents at bay in fine style. Caie was the means of adding a fifth point from a well-judged pass by Clark, and when half-time was announced the home team was four goals to the good. Rain, which had threatened for some time, now began to fall heavily, and the ground became worse than ever, large pools forming at various points. Having more than held their own even against the wind, the home players had less difficulty in maintaining the upper hand with it at their backs. The sixth goal was scored by Morrice with a low shot, which, after meandering past half a dozen players of both clubs, rolled slowly through the goal. The point ought to have been saved. The same remark applies with even more force to United's next goal. Murison sent in a swift cross shot along the ground. Alexander foolishly tried to fist out, wish the result that he missed, and Forsyth, coming promptly on the scene, added goal No. 7. The game was not many minutes older when a combined rush - the best of the day, in fact - by the home forwards was capped by Clark scoring a pretty goal. Within a minute another point was added under exactly similar circumstances, Forsyth this time giving the final kick. The Montrose players might as well have been in the dressing-room for all the opposition they offered to the rushes of the home players. McFarlane scored a 10th point. By this time all interest in the game was gone, and many of the spectators, having no longer even the mild excitement of discussing whether the home side's total would reach double figures, left the field. The rain still continued, the ground was like a quagmire, and darkness was setting in. Under these circumstances it was agreed on all hands that the referee wisely exercised his discretion when he blew his whistle several minutes before the stated time. Scores: Victoria United, 10; Montrose, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 5th November 1894

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Sim; Thompson, J. Ririe; Morrice, N. Ririe, Annand; Morrison, McFarlane, Caie, Forsyth, Clark


Montrose Teamsheet:  Alexander; E. Allan, A. Allan ; Duncan, McIntosh, Downie; Dickie, Stiven, Millar, Gibb, Cobb


Referee: Mr. Philip, Orion

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