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AFC - Match Report
match report 1894-95 fixture list
Orion 1 - 5 Mossend Swifts
Kick Off:    Low        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
A large crowd visited Cattofield to witness the meeting of the Orion and Mossend Swifts in a friendly tussle. The ground, which had been overlaid with cinders during the week, was in capital condition. The teams were as follows: Orion: Edwards; Mackay, Ross; Dawson, Low, Currie; Gloag, Benzie, Sutherland, Leggat, Stopani. Mossend Swifts: Russell; A. Ellis, Mckenna; Davidson, Stein, Brown; J. Ellis, D. Ellis, Mackay, Boyce, Carr. Mr William Walker, Orion, was referee.

Orion won the toss, and the Swifts kicked-off with a setting sun full in their face. For the first ten minutes the ball was kept well in the centre of the field, but Orion's forward right wing carried the sphere into the stranger's territory, and Leggat sent in a shot which Russell, however, easily saved. Continuing to press, Orion had hard lines several times, and it was only the brilliant play of the strangers' custodian that saved their citadel. The Swifts now had a run up, and were within an ace of scoring; but in the kick out the home team again assumed the aggressive, and Gloag, with a long pass, gave Stopani a chance, of which he failed to take advantage. Currie, Gloag, and Low each sent in fine shots, which were returned. The strangers, by powerful kicking, again became dangerous, and a stubborn attack resulted in Edwards being beaten. However, an appeal for offside was made and sustained, greatly to the chagrin of a considerable portion of the spectators. Resuming, the home forwards broke through the defence of their opponents, and from a corner kicked by Gloag, Low beautifully headed the ball through amidst a storm of cheering. Both goals were afterwards visited in succession. A foul was registered against Orion, and Carr taking the kick, shot past Edwards, and so equalised. The homesters now went in for a series of long shots, but these proved very erratic, Sutherland and Stopani being the greatest blunderers. Half-time found the score standing one goal each.

Play during the second half was far behind that of the first, the Orion forwards becoming greatly disorganised. The Swifts repeatedly stormed the home goal, and Edwards had his work cut out for him. Eventually the two Ellises got behind Mackay and Ross, and the colours of the home team were lowered a second time. Leggat and Sutherland strove hard to equalise, and their efforts culminated in a corner, which they failed to turn to good effect. A beautiful piece of dribbling by Leggat and Stopani raised the hopes of the Orion's supporters but just when they appeared dangerous, McKenna cleared, and play was transferred to the home goal. Edwards made a gallant effort to save, but he slipped and fell, and a fierce scrimmage resulted in a third goal for the southerners. The play was now all in favour of the Swifts, and, despite several fine runs by Gloag and Stopani, the strangers' backs were able to keep their opponents at bay. A few minutes before the close the Swifts forwards carried all before them, and registered two goals in quick succession; and when the whistle sounded the game stood: Mossend Swifts, 5 goals ; Orion, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 10th December 1894

Orion Teamsheet:  Edwards; Mackay, Ross; Dawson, Low, Currie; Gloag, Benzie, Sutherland, Leggat, Stopani


Mossend Swifts Teamsheet:  Russell; A. Ellis, Mckenna; Davidson, Stein, Brown; J. Ellis, D. Ellis, Mackay, Boyce, Carr


Referee: Mr.William Walker, Orion

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