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AFC - Match Report
match report 1894-95 fixture list
Victoria United 1 - 3 Port Glasgow
Kick Off:    Murison        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
The Victoria United expected the Port Glasgow at Victoria Bridge Grounds on Saturday, but as the Clyde men were late in arriving the match was put off till yesterday afternoon. The kick-off was advertised for noon, but just before that hour snow commenced to fall heavily. Despite this, however, the teams entered the field, which had a white covering of about six inches in depth. The teams were Victoria United: Sim; Anderson, Davidson; Morris, Ririe, Annand; Murison, McFarlane, Mackay, Forsyth, Clark. Port Glasgow: Conlin; D. McNeil, S. Scott; Martin, Curran, Graham; McCorquodale, Tarbet, Smith, Neil, McNeil. The linesmen were: United, Peter Simpson; Port-Glasgow; J. McNeil. The only change in the United team was the substitution of Davidson for J. Ririe.

The home team won the toss, and Smith kicked off. From the start the United pressed, and within a few seconds, the ball was sent past the side of the strangers' goal. Favoured with a foul kick, the Blue's right wing carried the ball up the field, but were checked by a touch. Once more, however, the Victoria took the ball in charge. Murison had a capital shot which was futile, and then, as the result of a good piece of combination, Macfarlane all but scored. With much spirit the strangers pushed their way to the home goal, and two fouls which they were awarded, not far from Sim's charge, looked ominous. The defence was equal to the occasion, however, and in a twinkling the forwards sent the ball in the direction of Conlin. Forsyth had a tussle with McCorquodale which Mackay tried to improve upon, but the Port half-backs were alert and averted danger. Tarbet had a good shot for goal, but the ball went too high. Following upon this, McNeil, in the front rank, endeavoured to score the first point. He was as unsuccessful as his colleague. A third attempt resulted similarly. The strangers continued, to press, and Sim was compelled to use his hands. He saved his charge, and then the United broke away, and got within shooting distance. Some fine play ensued, and Murison scored the first goal amid applause. The Blues had hard lines in not putting on a second. Conlin was too smart for his opponents, and by dint of sustained effort the Clyde men cleared their ground. But it was not for long. The Victoria returned to the attack, and gave the defenders no end of trouble. At length McCorquodale and Tarbet piloted their way down the right wing, and were in dangerous proximity to the United citadel, when a foul kick was given against them. From this point the play was of a give and take nature, until the Port Glasgow collaring the leather again tried to lower the home, colours. They all but succeeded. A clever tactic on Sim's part brought relief. A rapid run changed the scene of hostilities, and Clark had a shot which might have been disastrous to the visitors had Scott been out of the way. Just before half time Annand was lamed, and had to leave the field. Half-time score: Victoria United 1, Port Glasgow 0.

When the second half opened the storm had become more severe, and, in addition to having the blinding blast in their eyes, the Victoria were still minus Annand. The strangers pressed for some time, and Sim had to fist out on several occasions, but ultimately a goal was scored, the teams being on an equal footing. Grant now took the place of Annand on the field. Afterwards play was very uninteresting. Port Glasgow registered other two goals easily. Final result: Port Glasgow 3, Victoria United 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal. 1st January 1895

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Sim; Anderson, Davidson; Morris, Ririe, Annand; Murison, McFarlane, Mackay, Forsyth, Clark


Port Glasgow Teamsheet:  Conlin; D. McNeil, S. Scott; Martin, Curran, Graham; McCorquodale, Tarbet, Smith, Neil, McNeil



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