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AFC - Match Report
match report 1894-95 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 2 London Corinthians
Kick Off:    Mackie, Thomson       Street, Bumup  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
The more interesting of the Hogmanay fixtures in Aberdeen was that at Chanonry, in which the celebrated London Corinthians tried conclusions with the Aberdeen. The teams were represented as follows: Corinthians: A. G. S. Lawrence; E. H. Bray, H. K. Foster; W. L. Foster, N. 0. Cooper, E. G. Bliss; Bosworth, Smith, B. D. Compton, F. Street, G. S Wilson, C. Bumup. Aberdeen: Smyth; John Davidson, Gall; Ritchie, Joseph Davidson, Thomson; Smith, Taylor, Toman, Gray, and Mackie. Both teams entered upon the contest flushed with, the enthusiasm born of Saturday's victories, the strangers having given the Dundee Wanderers their quietus to the tune of 6 to 3 - the disparity might easily have been increased if all stories are true - while the local men inflicted a 4-1 castigation on the Partick Thistle. The atmospheric conditions were of the most unpropitious kind. A strong and squally breeze blew across the field from the west, and driving snow showers were frequent. The field was covered with snow to the depth of several inches, and locomotion was rendered exceedingly difficult and uncertain. These circumstances considered, the attendance of spectators was not unsatisfactory.

The local team kicked off against the wind. The Corinthian centre forward immediately got possession, and a clever attempt was made to lower the home colours. The back division knew what was expected of them, however, and the lines were cleared. There followed a succession of exciting, runs, characterised at times by no little brilliancy, now by the one team, now by the other; but the struggles at goalmouth invariably culminated fruitlessly. The Aberdeen left wing; conspicuously distinguished themselves, and frequently called forth the hearty applause of the crowd, which, in keeping with the festive character of the season, was inclined to be more than ordinarily demonstrative. One gallant attempt evoked particular enthusiasm. Gray carried the leather with a dash to the right angle of the op-position territory, and a corner kick resulted. The ball was well placed, and in a scrimmage Taylor had hard lines in not scoring, the post being grazed. The press was now relieved, the strangers transferring operations to the other end. A sharp tussle ensued, diversified by two resultless corner-kicks. The play was distinctly picturesque; the opposing teams were warming re their work; and if goals were long in coming, some smart touches lent attractiveness to the scene. The Aberdeen by and by relieved, and put in some clever and dangerous work in front of the opposing citadel. But Street, the London centre forward, ultimately got possession, and baffling all attempts at frustration passed the backs, and scored the first goal about twenty minutes from the start. Almost immediately afterwards, Bumup repeated the operation from the left wing. The play was comparatively featureless till half time, and no more goals were scored. Corinthians, 2; Aberdeen, 0.

On resuming, the home team assumed the aggressive, and five minutes had not elapsed when Mackie sent in a beauty, and scored the first goal for his side. A corner kick to the Aberdeen followed, but the Londoners relieved. The home team were now playing with great dash and spirit, and kept up a strong fusillade on their opponents' stronghold; shot after shot was sent in, and Lawrence had his work cut out for him in bringing about the necessary salvation. With a rush, the home left wing sped goalward, and two corners followed in quick succession. Whatever they might ultimately succeed in doing, the Corinthians at this time were distinctly not in it. They made desperate efforts to gain the mastery, but the homesters were by no means inclined to concede them the least advantage. A more determined attempt at equalisation has rarely been witnessed at Chanonry than that which the ground team were now making, and the hardest of hard lines was often experienced, to the deep chagrin of the spectators. The home outside left at length drew forth thunderous cheering, a well-delivered shot, at close quarters sending the ball between the uprights; but the disappointment was proportionately great when off-side was granted nothing daunted, the Aberdeen resumed the offensive, and time after time it seemed as if their efforts would be rewarded according to their deserts, this being specially the case on the occasion of two free kicks at goal mouth. A few solitary visits, of but momentary duration, to the Aberdeen end came as a relief to the desperately energetic peppering in the strangers' half. But at last the Aberdeen got their due, Thomson notching the equalising point, amid tremendous enthusiasm, at the end of the game. Final result: Corinthians 2, Aberdeen 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 1st December 1895

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smyth; John Davidson, Gall; Ritchie, Joseph Davidson, Thomson; Smith, Taylor, Toman, Gray, and Mackie


London Corinthians Teamsheet:  A. G. S. Lawrence; E. H. Bray, H. K. Foster; W. L. Foster, N. 0. Cooper, E. G. Bliss; Bosworth, Smith, B. D. Compton, F. Street, G. S Wilson, C. Bumup



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