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match report 1894-95 fixture list
The Aberdeen 4 - 4 Orion
Kick Off:    Turner, Mackie, Gray, Mackie       Low, Defender o.g., Wight, Gloag  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Mr Tom Robertson, of the Queen's Park, Glasgow, could scarcely have adopted any other course than that which he did in declaring off the Gershon Cup tie between Aberdeen and Orion at Chanonry on Saturday afternoon, for the ground was covered with soft snow to the depth of several inches; but, for all that, the friendly game which was resolved upon proved without a doubt one of the most interesting and exciting that have ever taken place in the Granite City, and the thousands of spectators who lined the enclosure probably never got more value for their money than they did on this occasion. The teams were: Aberdeen: Smyth; Gall, John Davidson; Reith, Joseph Davidson, Thomson; Turner, Taylor, Toman, Gray, Mackie. Orion: Morrison; Ross, Mackay; Wight, Dawson, Currie; Gloag, Benzie, Low, Leggat, Stopani.

Low kicked off towards the western goal. The players had scarcely settled down to work when the Stripes drew first blood. Low, from a pass from Gloag, did the needful, the fact that Smyth had left his position between the uprights having rendered the task a comparatively easy one. Put on their mettle, the Aberdeen assumed the offensive. A foul against the Stripes looked ominous, but although Thomson sent in a beautiful shot, Turner failed to negotiate the pass, and in a twinkling, through the plucky efforts of the Orion left forward wing, play was transferred to the other end. For a few minutes the play was featureless. By and by the ground team went away with a rush, and it seemed as if the teams would be put on an equal footing, but a well-meant thrust for goal resulted in the cross-bar being grazed on the wrong side. Orion retaliated with a vigorous and determined onslaught. Amid the greatest excitement charge after charge was resolutely made, and as resolutely repelled, Smyth, on one most critical occasion, bringing about salvation in a really magnificent way. Aberdeen had a temporary look in, but the Orion resumed the offensive. A terrific struggle for supremacy took place before the Aberdeen goalmouth, and, unfortunately for the defenders, in a wild scrimmage, one of themselves, in parrying a shot from Leggat, sent the ball in the wrong direction, and it slipped between, Smyth's hands into goal amid tremendous cheering from the supporters of the Stripes. Nettled at their misfortune, the Whites made a determined spurt to retrieve their position, but failed. Ultimately the Orion once more led the: attack, and there ensued an exciting scuffle in front; of the stronghold, which culminated in the Orion registering their third point off a well-directed long shot by Wight. The enthusiasm of the Orion spectators now broke all bounds; they yelled themselves hoarse in their frantic delight. No farther scoring took place before the call of half-time. Orion, 3; Aberdeen 0.

On the resumption of hostilities, the home team invaded, but were repulsed and compelled to defend their own position. Orion obtained a free kick, the penalty for a foul, well within the Aberdeen lines, and Currie having dexterously passed to Gloag, that player headed the ball past Smyth, thus notching the fourth point for his side. From this point onward the game assumed a different complexion. In the first half the Orion were the more aggressive; that role was now filled by the Aberdeen. The struggle till the close was of almost unparalleled interest, and the excitement rose to a pitch rarely witnessed on a local football field. Gray and Mackie, playing in brilliant combination, eluded the vigilance of the back divisions of the Stripes, but an injudicious kick sent the ball spinning high over the bar. Orion now attacked, and, benefiting by a foul kick, had a warm encounter with their opponents at close quarters. Davidson relieved, however, by a long punt, and the Orion position, in turn, was subjected to a peppering remarkable for its skilful direction not less than for its vigorous, persistence, Mackie, who played with rare ability, negotiating a pass from plucky little Gray, overcame all obstacles in a magnificent run up the left wing, and cleverly transferred to Turner on the right, who beat Morrison, and scored the first goal for the Whites - a feat signalised by volleys of loud cheering. From the kick-off, Orion invaded. The pressure in front of goal was at times excessive; defeat seemed possible at any moment; but, grandly rising to the occasion, Smyth time and again saved his colours amid tumultuous cheers of the supporters of his team. Aberdeen now had an innings with a vengeance. A fruitless corner was followed by a succession of daring rushes by Mackie and his companion which at length had the desired effect, Mackie catching a pass from Turner, and banging the ball between the uprights. Flushed with success, the Whites resumed their offensive tactics with fresh ardour, and although a capital defence was opposed to them, they almost immediately succeeded in scoring a third goal, Morrison, unfortunately for his side, stumbling at a most critical moment in the midst of a severe scrimmage at his goalmouth, and Gray lowering the colours by a sharp cut at close quarters. Cheer after cheer greeted this performance; and when, in almost as brief a space of time as it takes to record the fact, Mackie, with a grand kick, registered the equalising point, the excitement and enthusiasm were intense beyond description. From this point onward the struggle for superiority was of the keenest, every point in the game being most stubbornly contested, but the end came with the score unaltered: Orion 4, Aberdeen 4.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 7th January 1895

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smyth; Gall, John Davidson; Reith, Joseph Davidson, Thomson; Turner, Taylor, Toman, Gray, Mackie


Orion Teamsheet:  Morrison; Ross, Mackay; Wight, Dawson, Currie; Gloag, Benzie, Low, Leggat, Stopani


Referee: Mr. Tom Robertson, Queen's Park

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