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match report 1894-95 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup Semi Final Replay 
The Aberdeen 5 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Turner, Taylor, Taylor, Toman, Toman       Forsyth, Clark, Clark  
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
These teams met in the semi-final round of the county cup at Chanonry, after a postponement of five successive weeks, before a crowd of about 4000 spectators. The players were: Aberdeen - Smyth; John Davidson, Gall; "Charles," Joseph Davidson Thomson; Turner, Taylor, Toman, Gray, Mackie. Victoria United - Insch; Anderson, Ririe; Morrice, Petrie, Annand; Macfarlane, Caie, Forsyth, G. Macfarlane, Clark. The ground was covered with snow, and somewhat hard, but still in good condition for a stiff fight.

Aberdeen losing the toss kicked off against a strong sun. A fine combined run brought them to the Vics' territory, but they were strongly repulsed. The Vics, then made a dash to clear their lines, but Mackie, getting on the ball, passed to Turner, who, beating Insch, obtained the first, point three minutes from the start. The Blues came away, and with a piece of fine combination managed to reach the enemy's goal. A corner was secured, but after a slight scrimmage Davidson cleared his lines. The Aberdeen now had a turn, and Mackie sent in a beautiful shot, but, striking the cross bar, the ball rebounded into play, and Ririe with a strong kick sent it back to midfield. After some promiscuous play, Forsyth equalised from a corner. Excitement now ran high, and odds were laid on the Vics, winning. The Aberdeen, however, broke away, and again invaded Insch's charge, but a touch to the Blues relieved. Some good individual runs were then made, until a foul was allowed at the Vics' goalmouth, from which Taylor added another point for his side. The Vics, now gained possession Caie passed to Forsyth, who eluded the backs, and Smyth having deserted his charge, the ball was tipped through. Offside, however, was claimed and allowed. The Aberdeen again attacked, and, after some grand. passing by the ground team, Taylor notched the third point. Shortly afterwards Toman eluded half-backs and backs, and with a stinging shot once more lowered the enemy's colours. Nothing daunted the Victoria rallied to the charge. A combined run was made to the enemy's quarter, and Clark did the needful. Imbued with fresh hope, the strangers had another visit, which resulted in the notching of a third point by Clark, and at half-time the scores stood: Aberdeen 4; Victoria United 3.

The second half was resumed with fast play on both sides. The Vics, made a bold bid to equalise, but missed the opportunity. The Whites from a goal kick once more visited the strangers' lines, but a few splendid shots sent in failed to take effect, hard lines being experienced in not scoring. The Vics' endeavoured to approach the Whites' quarter, but the Aberdeen's defence proved too much for them. At last they managed to get into close quarters. A corner was the outcome and a goal kick eventually resulted. More individual play on the part of the Aberdeen was witnessed, but Ririe repulsed in grand form. At last, after an exhibition of fine combination, Toman once more beat Insch. The Aberdeen still kept up the attack, and when time was called the result was: Aberdeen, 5; Victoria United, 3. The custody of the cup now lies between the Aberdeen and Orion, who play for the supremacy on 16th inst.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 4th March 1895

Up to almost the last moment the Triple Alliance - Snow, Frost, and Slush - fooled us to the top of our bent, just as we were rubbing our hands with satisfaction, down came the wet blanket. The fiat having gone forth, however, that a Cup tie must be played, a dense army of enthusiasts "paddled through the rye" to the rendezvous at Chanonry where the Aberdeen and Victoria United were at last to dispose of that much-postponed semi-final. The meetings of our local cracks, if not characterised by brilliant play, are invariably interesting, and on this occasion the encounter was replete with exciting incident from beginning to end. The Whites were undoubtedly the better team, and thoroughly deserved to win. They not infused more go into their actions than the Blues, and shot more accurately and powerfully for goal, but their concerted action was of a superior order. The result was given as 5-3, but the referee made a palpable error when he denied the Blues a point scored by young Macfarlane. The victory was a very popular one, and the Stripes will have to be at their best when the final stage is entered upon.

Source: Bon-Accord, 9th March 1995

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smyth; John Davidson, Gall; "Charles," Joseph Davidson Thomson; Turner, Taylor, Toman, Gray, Mackie


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Insch; Anderson, Ririe; Morrice, Petrie, Annand; Macfarlane, Caie, Forsyth, G. Macfarlane, Clark



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