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AFC - Match Report
match report 1894-95 fixture list
Orion 2 - 4 Victoria United
Kick Off:    "James", "James"       Murison, From Scrimmage, Clark, A. McFarlane  
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
The Stripes Laid Low.
These teams met at Cattofield with the intention of playing off a round of the Gershon Cup ties, but when the ground was examined the referee, Mr Campbell, Greenock Morton F.C., declared it to be unfit for a cup tie, and a friendly was ordered to be played. Teams: Victoria United - Sutherland; Anderson, Ririe; Morrice, Ririe, Annand; A, McFarlane, G. McFarlane, Murison, Forsyth, Clark. Orion - Morrison; Mackay, Ross, Wight, Low, Currie; Gloag, Benzie, "James," Leggatt, Stopani. A crowd not less in numbers than that which witnessed the crushing defeat of the Victoria by the Aberdeen the previous week assembled to see who should register the two points in the competition, and, therefore, it was a great disappointment to the 4000 spectators when the tie was declared off.

Losing the toss the Vics kicked off, and at once made off for the Stripes' quarter, but a foul off young Ririe nullified the chance of scoring, The Stripes broke away, and were nearing their opponents' end when Annand, getting on the ball, sent it back to midfield. The Orion, however, continued to press hard, and invaded Sutherland's charge once more, and after a few interchanges a touch was given to the Orion near the Blues' goal, but Benzie, with a rash kick, sent the ball over the crossbar. The goal kick relieved the United for a very short time, but the Orion once more got the ball, and Wight had a fine run down the field. The leather having been passed to Leggatt, that player crossed to "James," who with a swift, low shot lowered the Blues' colours. The strangers made another visit to the home goal, which resulted in a touch, and "James" once more being in possession of the ball, completed a splendid individual run by sending in a stinging shot, which, however, was smartly caught by Sutherland. The ball was again returned by "James," and this time it reached the net. Offside was claimed, however, and allowed. The Stripes continued their aggressive work, and were again at the strangers' goal, but Gloag, with a high shot, sent the leather over the crossbar. The United getting the ball, had a combined run towards the Orion's territory, and Clark, with a swift, low shot, had hard lines in not equalising, the ball just grazing the outside of the uprights. The Stripes, once again in possession of the sphere, made for the United's quarters, and when just about the goal Stopani spoiled the chance of scoring by heading it past the goal. The Blues, from their free kick, were again working their way to Morrison's charge, when Ross nullified the attempt. The Victoria made another unsuccessful effort to reach the Orion's goal, but Gloag getting possession made a beautiful run, though when within an ace of the goalmouth offside was allowed. The Stripes again tried to work their way up to Sutherland's goal, but young Ririe passed to Clark, and that player broke away and was about to shoot when Ross smartly relieved him of the leather. Leggatt once more got on the sphere, and passed to Low, who crossed to "James," and the latter for the second, and what ultimately proved the last, time lodged it in the net. The United kicked off, but the Orion soon had possession of the globe, and were nearing the Blues' territory when a foul off "James" relieved. The Vics broke away with the intention of invading Morrison's goal, but Stopani spoiled their chance, and made for the strangers' quarter. With a beautiful shot he landed the leather in the hands of Sutherland, who sent it once more into play. The Vics had one more run down, but young Ririe sent the leather over the crossbar. The Orion, with a piece of smart combination, again reached the strangers' territory, and "James" shot, but Sutherland saved his charge, and sent the ball back to midfield, where there were four of the Vics, ready to take possession of it. There were only the backs to tackle the invaders, and this did not look rosy for the Stripes, but Morrison at great risk rushed out, and managed to kick, thus saving what must in all likelihood have resulted in a point for the Blues. The Stripes made another visit, but "James," with a rather hard shot, sent the leather over the crossbar. The Orion, who up to this point were showing superior play, were beginning to fag somewhat, and the Vics, although not fresh, were improving. A combined run brought the latter to Morrison's charge, but Clark muddled, and the ball was again in mid-field. The Blues returned, however, and once again Clark missed an opportunity of scoring. The Blues, however, continued to press, and when Clark was just about to shoot what looked a likely goal, half-time was sounded, and the Orion crossed over leading by two goals to 0.

Kicking off, the Orion made a very feeble attempt to reach the Vics goal. The Blues, imbued with fresh hope, continued to keep the Orion between midfield and their charge, and young Ririe had a splendid try for goal, but a high shot sent the ball over the cross bar. The Vics, were soon at Morrison's goal, but Macfarlane, being offside, another opportunity was missed. Again attempting to pass midfield, the Orion were defeated by the Vics, and, getting possession of the leather, Murison from a touch headed it through. The Blues took courage, and after the ball was kicked off they were again battering away at the United's citadel. A scrimmage ensued, and a foul was allowed to the Vics, and resulted in a goal kick. Nothing daunted the Vics continued to make it hot for the Stripes, and A. McFarlane sent in a stinging shot, which, however, Morrison caught, but when he was about to clear a scrimmage took place, from which the Vics equalised. The Blues were attacking in a manner which sent their followers into ecstasy, and the Orion were beginning to lose heart and to get disorganised. Annand with a high shot sent the leather over the bar, and from a corner the Vics got the ball and completely hemmed in the Stripes, who made feeble and unsuccessful efforts to clear their lines. Stopani off a foul, tried a run down, but Anderson did not allow him to go far. The Blues again began to press, and Clark, with a swift shot, had hard lines in not scoring, the ball striking the upright. After a few interchanges, Clark sent in a low shot which baffled Morrison, and secured the third point for the Vics. The Orion realising their position, endeavoured to rally, and had a combined run to the Victoria's goal, but Stopani miserably missed the opportunity by kicking wide. Their attack was only of short duration, for the Blues hemmed them in once more, and after two or three unsuccessful attempts to score, young Ririe passed to A. McFarlane, who notched the fourth point for the Blues. The Vics continued to press, and the whistle blew with the score standing: Victoria United, 4; Orion, 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 11th March 1895

After the weak opposition offered by the Victoria United to the Chanonry forces, it was very pleasing to the supporters of the Blues to see the lads from Torry so signally vanquish the Orion at Cattofield. The ground was almost knee deep, and naturally the players had considerable difficulty in ploughing their way through the mud, but they stuck manfully to their work - especially the Blues - and though the play was on the north side of scientific matters were exciting and interesting throughout. The visitors won on their merits, and indeed had Clark and young Ririe been in anything like correct shooting form in the first half the score would have have been considerably augmented The result should add to the interest of the final of the 'Shire Cup which takes place at Torry to-day (Saturday), but even with a 4-2 defeat staring them in the face the Stripes should give their old opponents some trouble.

Short Kicks.

Another genuine surprise.
Well played, Victoria United.
You'll have a big try for the 'Shire pot.
Sutherland made an excellent show In goal, saved some real trimmers.
The laugh was on the other side this time. And Messrs. Fyfe & Co. did smile.
The ground took the heart out of the Stripes.
The Blues lasted wonderfully well
Brilliant play was out of the question on such a sough of despond.
Therefore, comment on the inndividual performances is needless.

Source: Bon-Accord, 16th March 1895

Orion Teamsheet:  Morrison; Mackay, Ross, Wight, Low, Currie; Gloag, Benzie, "James," Leggatt, Stopani


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Sutherland; Anderson, Ririe; Morrice, Ririe, Annand; A, McFarlane, G. McFarlane, Murison, Forsyth, Clark


Referee: Mr. Campbell, Greenock Morton

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