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AFC - Match Report
match report 1894-95 fixture list
Gershon Cup 
Victoria United 1 - 2 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 3,500
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
These teams met in a round of the Gershon Cup ties at the Victoria Bridge Grounds before an attendance of about 3500 spectators. A fine combined run brought the Vics to their opponents' goal, and after a few interchanges a corner was granted them. From the kick in J. McFarlane got the ball, and shot, but Smyth saved miraculously. The Aberdeen then made a run down, and J. Mackie had a try, which was unfruitful. The Whites, however, pressed their opponents pretty hard for some time, and had a few splendid tries at goal until a foul at goalmouth relieved the Blues. Amidst rapturous, cheering the Vics, wriggled through the Whites' forwards and halves, and Murison shot, but the ball was smartly returned by Smyth. A foul off Allott gave the Vics, a free kick, but the Aberdeen, who were having pretty much of the play in consequence of the wind being in their favour, had two or three times hard lines in not scoring. Allott was in a great measure responsible for the ill-luck. Two corners fell to the Whites in rapid succession. Anderson, however, cleared his team's lines, and a run up by the Blues' forwards granted them a corner, but it ultimately resulted in a free kick for the Whites. From a pass, A. McFarlane sent in a stinging shot, which Smyth had much difficulty in saving. Half-time was called with no scoring on either side.

With the wind in their favour it was half expected that the Vics would defeat their opponents, but the Whites held their own. Touch after touch fell to the Whites, but thanks to Allott they failed to improve their position. The Vics, once more in possession of the leather, piloted their way down the field, and hemmed in the Whites until at last a goal kick relieved. The Vics at this point were pressing the Aberdeen very hard, and, but for the grand goal-keeping of Smyth, the Whites must have sustained a crushing defeat. Clark, with a well-placed header, landed the leather in Smyth's hands, Smyth quickly returned, and Clark had another try, and only missed by a few inches. After a hard-fought scrimmage at the Whites' goal, Morrice, with an easy shot, landed the sphere in the net, thus scoring the first point of the game. For some time after play was pretty even. The Blues again made an inroad, and for a long time did not allow their opponents to pass midfield. A hard shot by G. McFarlane just grazed the crossbar. Four minutes from time the Vics, by a desperate though beautiful run, swarmed round the Whites' goal. Out of a scrimmage Murison landed the leather in the net, beating Smyth for the second time. The Aberdeen at this point wakened up Mackie got possession of the sphere, and did not stop until he had landed it safely between the posts, and thus scored the first point for his team. Score: Victoria United 2, Aberdeen 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 8th April 1895

By two goals to one the Victoria United defeated the Aberdeen at Victoria Bridge on Saturday, and thus take the lead in the competition for this handsome trophy. It was a peculiar game altogether, and far from interesting. There was little to choose from in the defence of either team, the conspicuous fault of the Aberdeen lying in the pivot upon which the forwards are supposed to revolve upon. Time after time did the halves give their forwards chances, but in every case they were nullified by the terribly reckless play of Allott, who, truth to tell, was a good twelfth man for the Blues, as when the leather came from his toe or head it invariably went in the direction of Smyth. For the Vics, the Macfarlanes were the best in front, Annand deserves honourable mention at half, and Ririe and Anderson were safe at back. Insch was not tried very much. Smyth shone out among the Whites, the backs were both fair, and the halves good. As we have indicated, Allott spoiled the forward rank. Turner and Taylor in the second half might as well have been off the field, the ball seldom coming their way. Indeed Rab had only two shies all told, but both spelled danger. Mackie, as usual, created some excitement with his runs, well backed up by Gray.

Source: Bon-Accord, 13th April 1895

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Morrice, Murison


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  J. Mackie



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