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AFC - Match Report
match report 1894-95 fixture list
Charity Cup Semi Final 
Orion 2 - 3 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Dawson, Thom       Barron, J. Mackie, Turner  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
A Glint of Sunshine.
The Aberdeen and the Orion met at the Victoria Bridge Grounds on Saturday in the Charity Cup semi-final. The sky was overcast, and the ground was in a bad condition for football in consequence of the late heavy rains. Teams: Aberdeen - Reid; John Davidson, Gall; C. W. Mackie, Joseph Davidson, Thomson; Turner, Taylor, Barron, Gray, J. Mackie. Orion - Morrison; Mackay, Ross; Wight, Low, Currie ; Dawson, Benzie, Thom, Leggat, Stopani. Referee - Mr Black, Forfar.

Losing the toss, the Orion kicked off, and Thom tried a run, but Barron relieved him of the leather, and the Aberdeen were soon approaching the Stripes' goal, only to be repulsed by Low. Dawson initiated a run, and passed to Thom, who crossed to Stopani. That player shot, but C. W. Mackie returned. The Aberdeen had another try for goal, but failed. From a touch the Stripes endeavoured to break away, but Joseph Davidson smartly sent thorn to the right about. Another fruitless run having been made by the Orion, the Aberdeen pressed hard until at length a foul relieved the Stripes. A foul conceded to the Whites near the Stripes' goalmouth looked very ominous for the latter, but Ross cleared his lines. The Aberdeen were playing with energy, and for some time continued to sustain the attack, having hard lines in not scoring. By-and-bye Orion had a look in, but it came to naught, and was followed by a fine piece of combination on the part of the Whites, who broke away and carried the ball well down the field A corner was allowed them, from which Barron from a pass notched the first point of the game. The Orion now wakened up a little and Thom with a fine run was soon at the Whites goal mouth. He passed to Benzie, who shot. Thom followed up and caught the ball while it was descending, and banged it in, but it grazed the top of the cross bar. Barron initiated another run for the Whites, passing to Taylor, who crossed to C. W. Mackie. The latter shot for goal, but the leather went wide. Stopani at this point accomplished one of the best runs of the game, but Gall frustrated his efforts. Stopani again got the leather, and crossed to Dawson, who had no difficulty in beating Reid. For some time play was pretty equal, but the Whites soon asserted their superiority. About seven minutes from half time Barron was injured, and had to retire. This somewhat handicapped the Aberdeen, but they continued to play, very pluckily until half-time was called, each team having a goal to their credit.

On resuming, the Aberdeen were soon at their opponents' quarters, but Wight returned the leather to Thom, who, with a beautiful run, was at the Whites' goalmouth in a twinkling, and managed to beat Reid for the second time. The Whites were once more at the Stripes' goalmouth. J. Mackie had a try at goal, and the leather just grazed the crossbar. A corner was given the Aberdeen shortly afterwards. J. Mackie kicked well into the goalmouth, and Mackay endeavoured to stop it, but he just tipped it, and the ball rolled through. At this point excitement ran high. The Stripes in desperation broke away and reached the Aberdeen's territory. Thom passed to Stopani, who returned to Thom. The latter shot, but Reid kept his charge intact. Barron next got possession of the leather and shot, and after some interchange a corner was awarded to the Whites, from which, however, they failed to improve their position. Shot after shot was sent in by J. Mackie, but Morrison saved well. The Aberdeen continued to press the Orion. Barron getting possession of the sphere accomplished a fine run. He passed to Taylor, who shot, but Morrison returned. As he fisted it out, however, he fell, and Turner, who was standing close by, had no difficulty in landing the leather in the net, and placing the Aberdeen in the ascendency. The Orion endeavoured to equalise, but miserably failed. For two or three minutes before the close Aberdeen looked very dangerous, but they failed to increase their score, and the game ended: Aberdeen, 3; Orion, 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 29th April 1895

At last the Chanonry lads have done something worthy of the reputation of the Senior Club. After falling so often and so disastrously before the Stripes, the glint of sunshine thrown Into the ranks of the large following of the Whites didn't come a moment too soon, as even the staunchest supporters of the club were beginning to get tired out of patience by these oft-repeated disasters. The boys In White thoroughly deserved to win on the play, and no good sportsman - not even Orion followers - will grudge them the victory, for it will not only stir them up to greater deeds, but It will be a salutary lesson to the defeated not to count their chickens till they are hatched.

Short Kicks

The Orion lads looked pretty small on Saturday after the match.
By the way we hear there were several screws loose. Is that so?
Drastic measures, messieurs of committee
Chief Constable Wyness was present at Torry on Saturday in all his natural solemninty - a veritable terror to evildoers.

Source: Bon-Accord, 4th May 1895

Orion Teamsheet:  Morrison; Mackay, Ross; Wight, Low, Currie ; Dawson, Benzie, Thom, Leggat, Stopani


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Reid; John Davidson, Gall; C. W. Mackie, Joseph Davidson, Thomson; Turner, Taylor, Barron, Gray, J. Mackie


Referee: Mr. Black, Forfar

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