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AFC - Match Report
match report 1894-95 fixture list
Orion 3 - 2 Dumbarton
Kick Off:    Leggat, Thom, Stopani       Hendry, Seaton  
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
The Sons of the Rock journeyed to Aberdeen and played a strong representation of the Stripes at Cattofield before an attendance of almost 2000. The ground was in grand condition, and the meteorological conditions were all that could be desired. Teams: Dumbarton - Colquhoun; Keir, Hartley; McNicol, Thomson, Hendry; Stevenson, McDonald, Craig, Campbell, Seaton. Orion - Morrison; Mackay, Ross; Wight, Low, Currie; Benzie, Leggat, Thom, Stopani, Moultrie. Mr Peter Simpson, Aberdeen, acted as referee.

Losing the toss, the strangers kicked off, and a smart piece of play was seen on the part of Campbell and Seaton. The Orion, however, soon made it evident that they meant business, and Thom, who was never seen to better advantage, gave Colquhoun much trouble. A splendid combined run by Leggatt and Benzie brought the Stripes to their opponents' goalmouth, but Hartley smartly relieved them of the leather. Dumbarton however, wakened up a little, and Craig brought up his wings. He passed to Seaton, who shot. Morrison returned. Hendry, who was undoubtedly the best player on the strangers' side, followed up, and sent in a shot which Morrison was powerless to save. Inspirited by their success, Dumbarton gave an exhibition of very smart play for some time, but erratic shooting at the goalmouth nullified any attempt at scoring. The Orion were playing in grand form. Thom was bringing up his wings in capital fashion, but hard lines were experienced at the goalmouth. Shot after shot was sent in by the Stripes, but Colquhoun baffled every attempt to score. Numerous fouls were given off the strangers, although loudly protested against by Hartley, who played one of the roughest games ever seen in Aberdeen. After a few interchanges in midfield, Benzie got the leather, and assisted by Leggatt made a capital run towards the Dumbarton goal, but Hendry quickly sent them to the right about. Thom was delighting the spectators by his smart though easy-going tactics. With a lightning run he passed his opponents' forwards and half-backs, who were powerless to stop him, and crossing to Leggat, that player lowered the strangers' colours for the first time. The Orion were undoubtedly displaying by far the best form. The Dumbarton, no doubt being taken aback by the warm reception they were receiving, appeared to have lost all interest in the game. Had it not been for the splendid half-back play of Hendry, who was here, there, and everywhere, the Dumbarton would have sustained a severe defeat. Half-time was called with the Orion still pressing and the score equal - one goal each.

On resuming, Thom again broke away, and before a minute had elapsed lowered the strangers' colours for the second time. Rough play became, visible on the part of the Dumbarton, and but for the stern interference of the referee, several fights would have occurred. They became enraged at the reverse which bad attended their efforts, and made desperate at-tempts to equalise, but all to no purpose, Mackay and Ross were proving too much for them, and each time they were obliged to retire pointless. The homesters continued the onset, and Moultrie, although lame, had several very smart runs, his finely-finished tackling being an outstanding feature of the game. Craig, who worked very hard for his team, initiated a run, followed closely by McDonald and Seaton. When within shooting distance, Craig crossed to Seaton, who had no difficulty in equalising. After some pretty play on the part of the Orion forwards at their opponents' goalmouth, Stopani found an opening for the third time. This latest reverse proved too much for the Dumbarton, and they stooped to rough tactics. At length the crisis came. One of the strangers' backs deliberately struck the ball, and a penalty kick was awarded to the homesters, but Hartley for some time refused to allow the referee's decision to be carried out, and the game was assuming a serious aspect. Very reluctantly the Dumbarton yielded, and Thom shot in the ball, but it went wide. Before the ball was a minute in play, Hartley was seen to strike Thom, who retaliated. A free fight ensued, and eventually both delinquents were ordered off the field. The crowd was on the verge of breaking through, but the referee ordered the game to he proceeded with. All interest was lost in the match after this. No more scoring took place, and the game ended: Orion, 3; Dumbarton, 2.

Orion Teamsheet:  Morrison; Mackay, Ross; Wight, Low, Currie; Benzie, Leggat, Thom, Stopani, Moultrie

Bookings:   Hartley

Dumbarton Teamsheet:  Colquhoun; Keir, Hartley; McNicol, Thomson, Hendry; Stevenson, McDonald, Craig, Campbell, Seaton

Bookings:   Hartley

Referee: Mr. Peter Simpson, Victoria United

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