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match report 1894-95 fixture list
Orion 4 - 5 Heart of Midlothian
Kick Off:    Gloag, Low, Stopani, Gloag       Atherton, Walls, Walls, ?, Atherton  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
A scratch team of the famous Hearts journeyed to Aberdeen and played a strong combination of the Orion at Cattofield. For football the weather was excellent. Teams: Hearts - Gardiner; Turner, Phillips; Paterson, Gray, Hall; Taylor, Atherton, Walls, Fairbairn, Black. Orion Morrison; Mackay, Ross; Wight, Low, Currie; Gloag, Leggat, Thom, Stopani, Moultrie. Referee, Mr James Phillip, Aberdeen.

Winning the toss, the strangers chose to defend the west goal, with a strong wind against them. Thom kicked off for the Orion before an attendance of over 3000, and the Stripes pressed for some time, the strangers goal being in jeopardy on several occasions. Gardiner, however, who was playing a grand, easy-going goalkeeping game, baffled all attempts on the homesters' part to score. Taylor and Atherton with a flying run bore down on the Orion's defence, but Ross quickly sent them to the rightabout, and Gloag getting on the ball finished a beautiful run by landing the leather in the net two minutes after the start. The crowd was treated to several smart pieces of play by Moultrie, who was giving a grand exposition of the game. The Hearts shewed superiority for some time, but owing to the strong wind against them they failed to score. The Stripes, again broke away, and Gloag with a fine run brought the leather to the Hearts' goalmouth, A corner was given, and Low with a splendid header beat Gardiner for the second time. The Orion continued to press, and for a few minutes kept up a continued bombardment of the Hearts goal, but failed to add another point. For some time play deteriorated, until the Reds, realising their position, came away with a splendid combined run, Atherton eventually scoring the Hearts' first goal. The success was only momentary, however. Half-time was called with the homesters still pressing, and the game standing: Orion 2, Heart of Midlothian 1.

On resuming, the strangers, although playing uphill, had the wind in their favour, and it was soon evident that they meant business. Black and Fairbairn, with a capital run, brought, the sphere well up the field, and the latter, crossing to Walls, that player equalised with a brilliant shot. The Orion, however, after this reverse, wakened up somewhat, and after a few interchanges, Stopani finished a fine run by landing the leather in the net for the third time. Excitement now ran high, and shouts of "Play up, Orion" could be heard from all quarters of the field. The Orion did play up, and strained their opponents' defence pretty severely. At last the strangers wakened up to their position, and beautiful combination was seen on the part of the forwards. No effort which the Orion put forward could stop them, and Walls, with a stinging shot, equalised for the second time. The strong wind which the Orion were playing against coupled with the Hearts' combination began to tell on the Stripes' play. After several tries at goal on both sides, the Hearts, through the instrumentality of Atherton, notched their fifth goal. With a few minutes' play, the Orion were determined to improve their position. A run, initiated by Thom, brought the ball within shooting distance. Passing to Gloag that player beat Gardiner for the fourth time. This success on the part of the Stripes evoked loud cheering, and they tried hard to equalise but failed, and the game ended: Heart of Midlothian, 5; Orion, 4.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 20th May 1895

Orion Teamsheet:  Morrison; Mackay, Ross; Wight, Low, Currie; Gloag, Leggat, Thom, Stopani, Moultrie


Heart of Midlothian Teamsheet:  Gardiner; Turner, Phillips; Paterson, Gray, Hall; Taylor, Atherton, Walls, Fairbairn, Black


Referee: Mr. James Philip, Aberdeen

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