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AFC - Match Report
match report 1895-96 fixture list
Orion 4 - 0 Port Glasgow Athletic
Kick Off:  3:30 PM          
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
A Good Beginning
With the advent of August the football close time has expired, and the various clubs are preparing for another season's work. Under the patronage of the Lord Provost and Town Council, the Orion's ground at Cattofield was opened by a match between the famous Port Glasgow Athletics and the ground team. Councillors Taggart, Button, Mundie, and Glass were present. Referee, Mr Peter Simpson. The teams were: Port-Glasgow Athletics - Colin; Curran, Scott; Martin, Duguid, Graham; McCorquodale, Tarbet, Smith, Carson, Neil. Orion - Morrison; Mackay, Ross; Stopani, Low, Currie; Gloag, Benzie, Robertson, Leggat, Clark.

The superiority of the Orion maintained itself to a marked degree after the match had been about twenty minutes started. The front division completely baffled the efforts of the strangers' half-back line, and if it had not been for the capital defence made they would have scored more frequently than they did. At half-time the result was Orion, 2; Athletics, 0; but when time was called the Orion had increased their score by other two points.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 5th August 1895

"Under distinguished patronage" Cattofleld looked its best on Saturday, and the supporters of the Orion laughed In their sleeves as they beheld the Stripes vanqish their Port-Glasgow friends, and the Cliftonites get a slap in the face which made them blush like full blown roses. The club very properly invited the Town Council to see how things were done, but only a limited number put in an appearance. The first to arrive was


who proceeded to the "cushioned" seats, pleasantly chatting the while with Councillor Glass. Tom got a hearty cheer, as also did pleasant Councillor Taggart. Councillors Hutton and Mundie slipped quietly into their seats, but the others were conspicuous by their absence. Under the mellowing influence of the "distinguished visitors," everybody in the vicinity of the "Royal Box" put on an air of dignity worthy of a State ceremony, with the exception of two "men of spirit" who had the temerity to shake hands with Thomas and his brethern, and sit down under their sheltering wings. As to the game, it was a pleasant and altogether

the local men playing as if they had been at it for weeks. The result was a 4-0 victory for them; and they played for it. Morrison was clever in goal, but a little "waxy"; and Hugh Ross defended brilliantly, often covering his companion, who was somewhat erratic. The halves were all good, but Stopani was the cutest, his tackling and feeding coming as a surprise. Forward, little Clark was as sharp as a needle, and as unselfish as he used to be the opposite; and the others, with the exception of Robertson, who was playing out of his place, gave a capital account of themselves. The Port contains some fine players, notably the left back, a clean and powerful defender. Some of them were rather "green," and perhaps we didn't see the best of them on Saturday. Outside the ground, proceedings were


thanks In no small degree to the men in blue, whose presence had the effect of keeping the boys at a respectable distance. Mr Peter Simpson refereed the game in a smart and workmanlike way. By the way, who were the "Peeping Toms" on the house-tops? Surely none of the protesters!

Source: Bon-Accord, 8th August 1895

This match saw the launch of the first ever official football programme in Aberdeen. Entitled "Orion Football Club Official Programme and Football Notes" and selling for a halfpenny, it proved to be very popular, changing its title to "Orion Observer" with the 20th issue and continued over several seasons till its sad demise in December 1899 with issue No. 59.

Source: Scottish Notes and Queries, July 1905

Orion Teamsheet:  Morrison; Mackay, Ross; Stopani, Low, Currie; Gloag, Benzie, Robertson, Leggat, Clark


Port Glasgow Athletic Teamsheet:  Colin; Curran, Scott; Martin, Duguid, Graham; McCorquodale, Tarbet, Smith, Carson, Neil


Referee: Mr. Peter Simpson, Victoria United

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