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AFC - Match Report
match report 1895-96 fixture list
Orion 2 - 1 Alloa Athletic
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   Thom, From Scrimmage       Ferguson  
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
A Hot Set To.
A match between these teams was played at Cattofield in beautiful weather and in presence of over 2000 spectators. The teams were Orion - Morrison; Ross, Mitchell (Albert) ; Stopani, Dawson, Currie; Benzie, Robertson, Thom, Gloag, Leggat. Alloa - McGregor; Paterson, Ferguson; Lindsay, Neaves, Lyon; Bolton, Miller, Henderson, Ferguson, White.

Orion lost the toss, and played with a strong sun and the incline against them. At the very outset the strangers made a dash towards the homesters' citadel, but the onslaught was repulsed, thanks to Ross, and operations were quickly transferred to the other end. Benzie and Robertson made a bold and beautiful run up the right wing, but Paterson and Ferguson frustrated their efforts. The pressure was maintained with great vigour against the strangers, however, and by and by the Orion were conceded a corner. The shot was well taken, but Ferguson got possession and relieved. A look in at the Orion end by the strangers followed, and the homesters had a hot time in warding off the attack, two corners going against them. Ultimately, the Orion retaliated, and peppered away most vigorously at their opponents' goal. A Well-placed corner shot by the Orion was beautifully returned by McGregor, who certainly proved a good custodian. Gloag now had a try at goal-taking, but Ferguson relieved by a beautiful kick, which sent the leather flying towards midfield. The strangers followed up this advantage by invading, and maintaining a hot pressure for a few moments. They secured two corner kicks in quick succession, but they proved resultless, and ultimately Dawson managed to relieve. Half-time arrived without blood having been drawn. Play in the first half was full of vigour, but it was not beautiful, combined action being but seldom exhibited.

There was an improvement in the second half. On resuming, the Orion at once invaded. Thom getting hold, sent in a beauty of a long shot, but McGregor saved, although at the expense of a corner. From the corner the ball was sent behind, but the pressure was continued, and in the course of the warm skirmish other two corners were con¬ceded the Orion, but without result. By-and-by Ferguson and White made a good run up the left wing, and for a brief time play was in the Orion territory. Thom relieved, and on the Athletics repeating their tactics, Rose did the needful. The Athletics made a third attempt, but were again defeated, and had then to defend their own position. A corner went against them, but the Orion player sent the ball over the bar. Another corner kick to the Orion immediately afterwards resulted similarly. The Athletics now made a great show, invading and keeping up an extraordinary pressure against their opponents at goal mouth, but there was no getting over the backs and. goalkeeper, and ultimately the Orion broke away. Thom sent in a beauty of a shot which McGregor failed to negotiate, and, amid great cheering, the first point of the game was registered. The strangers managed to equalise shortly afterwards through Ferguson. Each team now strove to gain the mastery, and after some exciting play the homesters succeeded in a scrimmage in scoring a second goal. No further scoring took place, and Orion thus won by 2 goals to 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 19th August 1895

In more ways than one the match, Orion v. Alloa Athletic, was a hot set to. The weather was oppressively hot, and weakened by the absence of Low, Clark, and McKay, the Stripes had to go from start to finish, and just won by 2 goals to 1. Thom re-appeared, and for a first outing he did well enough, On such a broiling hot day, a good exposition was not looked for - and the crowd was not disappointed, as neither team was able to approach anything like their best form.

Source: Bon-Accord, 22nd August 1895

Orion Teamsheet:  Morrison; Ross, Mitchell (Albert) ; Stopani, Dawson, Currie; Benzie, Robertson, Thom, Gloag, Leggat


Alloa Athletic Teamsheet:  McGregor; Paterson, Ferguson; Lindsay, Neaves, Lyon; Bolton, Miller, Henderson, Ferguson, White



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