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match report 1895-96 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup First Round 
The Aberdeen 1 - 9 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Turner        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
At Chanonry these teams met to decide who should enter the second round of the Scottish Cup ties. The game was all in favour of the Victoria United, the result being: Victoria United 9, Aberdeen 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 2nd September 1895

The first great local match of the season drew a large attendance to Chanonry, which looked bright and very inviting. The event in question was the Scottish Cup tie (preliminary round) between the Aberdeen and Victoria United. The Blues kicked off and it may be said said it was at once apparent the visitors were the better lot, as they at once invaded, and fir the first five minutes kept Smyth on tip-toe. In eight minutes they scored, and playing well together they scored other 5 points ere half-time, the home eleven failing to score. The second half was a repetition of the first, with the exception that Turner got through once to the United's 4 times, so that the lads from Torry scored a decisive and thoroughly deserved win of 9 goals to 1. Looking at the players Smyth didn't compare favourably with his vis--vis Gillespie, the less experienced player displaying really fine points. C W Mackie and Joe Davidson were simply dwarfed in comparison with the Vics' pair of backs - Thomson and Ririe. The defence of the latter pair was almost impregnable. While Ririe was seen on at his best, "Thomson" was the more brilliant of the two, his close tackling and returns being cleverly manipulated and finely placed. The Aberdeen pair offered a feeble defence to Smyth, who in consequence was left to his own resources. Morrice, as usual, was always in the thick of it, playing a strong game throughout. Annand put in a great amount of work, and if there wasn't much polish in it, there was a huge amount of telling, robust effort which was of immense service to his side. Gordon (late of 2nd Orion) infused more method into his operations than his companions, and, if we are not greatly mistaken, he will prove a good catch to the Blues. Alexander, Wingrove, and Thomson never seemed to get settled, and offered a very feeble resistance to the opposing forwards. It would be unfair to too seriously criticise them in their first serious outing, and perhaps, with a week or two's practice, they may give a far different show. Forward, the Vics were also immensely superior, their attack being full of sting from end to end. A new player was tried in the person of a son of ex-councillor Maconnachie, a wee lad of sterling ability, who partnered Forsyth on the right. Fairly speedy, and gifted with a thorough knowledge of the fine points of the code, he played a capital game - fed from all quarters in the most unselfish manner. Forsyth was not far behind him, Caie showed up well in centre, and the left pair, if not taking to the eye as those on the right, gave a very good account of themselves. Somewhat timorous, the Aberdeen forwards failed to do justice to themselves, but looking "between the lines" we are satisfied they are capable of much better things. Mr Macqarrie, Partick Thistle was an efficient referee.

Source: Bon-Accord, 5th September 1895

The Aberdeen Teamsheet: 


Victoria United Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr. McQarrie, Partick Thistle

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