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match report 1895-96 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup Second Round 
Peterhead 2 - 5 Orion
Kick Off:    McKechnie, Forrest        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Recreation Park, Peterhead
The Old Story at Peterhead
The Peterhead opened their season by meeting in the Recreation Park, Peterhead, the Orion, of Aberdeen, in the second round of the Scottish cup ties. The weather was splendid, and there was a large attendance of spectators. Shortly after the game opened the Orion secured their first point from a foul close into goal. The home team evinced considerable spirit and determination, and McKechnie had a try for the uprights, but the ball grazed the bar on the wrong side. The Orion were not to be beat, however, and after a period of very equal play, made a dash for the home goal, and the right wing, drawing Mackie from his citadel passed into the centre, who registered for his team goal number 2. From the kick-off the Peterhead front line came away, and a shot from McKechnie on the right rolled through the strangers' goal. Orion again made for Peterhead territory, and from well out the left wing scored the third goal by a suspiciously offside shot. This put the local team on their mettle, and after a fine swoop on the right Forrest sent in a scorcher, which, however, rebounded from the post. Shortly after Smith, after a tussle with the left back, passed to Forrest, who banged the leather past the stranger's custodian. Peterhead kept up the pressure until half-time, when the score stood unaltered - Orion, 3; Peterhead, 2.

The Orion during the second half added other two goals to their total, the first the result of a scrimmage off a corner, and the second from the centre off a pass from Low, and the game ended - Orion, 5 goals; Peterhead, 2 goals. In the latter portion of the match feeling ran rather high. May, the Peterhead left wing, challenged the decision of the referee as to a foul, and was ordered to leave the field. Just before the call of time, the Orion right wing and Davidson, the Peterhead left-half, had a set-to, and as a result both were dismissed from the field, the game ending with the home team, minus two men and Orion one.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 16th September 1895

THE ORDER OF THE MARCH. If you want a real, downright cold-blooded football tragedy, you must go to Peterhead for it. Blessed with fine physique and a commensurate lack of science in their movements, some of the Peterhead players, in their match against Orion, conducted themselves like as many rams careering through a drift storm. The visitors feeling the horns prick rather sharply, fell into the trap, and pricked in return, the result being that no less than three players - two Peterhead and one Orion - were given the order to march, and "Marching, marching, Gloomily'off they went," to the music of Willie Jaffray's usually melodious, but on this occasion indignant vocalising. Peterhead is coming it too often, but we look to Mr Jaffray to once for all give the transgressors a lesson in good manners which they will not readily forget. To the game, however. Well,if the Stripes thought they had an easy thing they got a rude awakening, for the homesters made them go for all they were worth.

Source: Bon-Accord, 19th September 1895

Peterhead Teamsheet: 

Bookings:   May,   Davidson

Orion Teamsheet: 

Bookings:   May,   Davidson

Referee: Mr. William Jaffray, Aberdeen

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