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AFC - Match Report
match report 1895-96 fixture list
Northern League 
Orion 1 - 2 Arbroath
Kick Off:    Thom       Kerr, Mackay  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
The Old, Old Story.
The Orion met the Arbroath in a Northern League fixture in the ground of the former on Saturday. Kerr for the strangers was the first to score, and the latter continuing to press. Kerr succeeded in passing to Mackay, who added another point. In the second period the Orion played hard, and their efforts were rewarded by Thom lowering the Arbroath colours. The latter, however, soon gained the ascendancy again, but no farther soaring took place, and the game ended - Arbroath, 2 goals; Orion, 1 goal.

Source, Aberdeen Journal, 7th October 1895

Cattofield, with its green coating, was looking charming on Saturday when our old friends from Arbroath faced the ground team in a League encounter. The death-knell to the Orion's chance of emerging victorious was rung when it was observed the Stripes had chosen to play uphill against sun and wind, a combination of circumstances which to a great extent lost them the match. True, several of the team made a wretched appearance, but the circumstances above recorded had much to do with the getting of Arbroath's couple of goals, and the Maroons chuckled in their sleeves as the wind toned down and the sun lost a deal of its brilliancy as the close of the first half approached. The old fault which cost the Stripes their chances of the qualifying cup at Perth, was again painfully apparent. Even taking into account the mistake made In not taking advantage of the winning of the toss, had the forwards shot with anything like accuracy they could scarcely have lost the match. As it was, they put the bail anywhere and everywhere but in the right place, and what was the most galling part of the whole business was the fact that the solitary point they were credited with came from the cranium of the Arbroath right back in a vain attempt to clear his lines. The redeeming feature of the Orion's play was the splendid work performed by McKay and Ross at back and Low at half. The first-named pair gave an ideal display, their tackling being well timed, daring, and invariably successful, while their kicking was powerful and judiciously placed. Seldom have a pair of local defenders been seen to such advantage, and I was pleased to observe the onlookers didn't fail to recognise the fact. Low was a good bit behind them in point of merit, but he was immensely superior to his companions. Currie is seldom out of it, but on Saturday he lost himself; and Stopani, though fair in the second half, played a long way beneath his best form. Thom, Leggat, and Benzie now and again raised the hopes of the spectators by smart work In the open, but only to send said aspirations to zero when the parting kick was administered. Thom was awfully slow at following up, seldom attempting to intercept a pass however temptingly near him the sphere happened to hover. Clark was awfully weak both in the open and close; indeed, I can't call to mind such a colourless exhibition by a forward of his experience. Robertson was not much better, and evidently lacks grit for such company as he moved in on Saturday. Morrison was so well covered by his backs that he wasn't given much chance of distinguishing himself. The goals scored against him were capital efforts, and bad he stopped them he would deservedly have split the honours with McKay and Ross. Of the Arbroath I have nothing but praise. They are a good lot from stem to stern, albeit perhaps a trifle energetic. They came north with a good name, and they have gone hence with it untarnished. Good luck to them in their next Scottish Gap tie. Polton Vale will know "what it is to be there" when they visit Gay field. I make all my readers welcome to a whisper I have just received from an Aberdonian in Glasgow:- "You can give it as a safe tip that Arbroath will win by 4 goals - they (Polton) will know what an even pitch is."

Source: Bon-Accord, 10th October 1895

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