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match report 1895-96 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup First Round 
The Aberdeen 5 - 1 Peterhead
Kick Off:    J. Mackie, Crawford, Taylor, J. Mackie (pen), J. Mackie       Smith  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Game Fight by Peterhead.
Before a fairly large attendance these teams met at Chanonry in the first round of the Aberdeenshire cup ties. The weather was delightful, and the ground was in splendid condition. Teams:?Aberdeen - Smyth; John Davidson, Low; Alexander, Joseph Davidson, Anderson; Crawford, Taylor, C. W. Mackie, Milne, J. Mackie. Peterhead - Mackie; Cordiner, Henderson; Cowie, Murray, Forrest; Sutherland, McKechnie, Smith, Moir, Stephen. Referee: Mr Hunter, Montrose.

Winning the toss, the strangers chose to defend the west goal, with a strong but fast-setting sun in their favour. Throughout the first period the game was of a most uninteresting and monotonous description. After several fruitless tries J. Mackie succeeded with a rather easy shot in beating the strangers' custodian. Five minutes later, during a determined onset at the Peterhead's goalmouth, Crawford, with a splendid and well-judged shot, added another point. Towards the close of the first half, Smyth was called upon on several occasions, but be always proved more than a match for the rather tame shots that were being sent in by the strangers. Half-time sounded with the Aberdeen leading by two goals to nil.

As soon as the game was restarted, the ground team visited their opponents' goal, and by a little judgment could have scored, but they hesitated too long, and were ultimately obliged to retire pointless. A creditable run was made by Smith from one end of the field to the other, and, out of a scrimmage at the White's goalmouth, the Peterhead right wing rushed the ball into the net. The Aberdeen soon resumed the superiority, and by-and-bye Taylor, with a good shot, scored the third point. Shortly afterwards a penalty kick was awarded to the Whites, and J. Mackie, who took the kick, registered the fourth goal. For some time the play was fairly equal, but the strangers' front rank was exceedingly weak, and could therefore make no headway. Another point was added by J. Mackie, and a somewhat poor game ended: Aberdeen, 5; Peterhead, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 21st October 1895

If the people who lined the ropes at Chanonry went there with the idea of seeing good football, they were very much disappointed, for, with (the exception of a short time after the visitors had scored their first and only point, play was of a mediocre character, as far as science was concerned. Of energy there was plenty and to spare, several of the Peter-head keeping up their record in this respect, the referee (Mr Hunter, Montrose) having occasion to caution the right back for tripping. The game resulted in the defeat of the county eleven by 5 goals to 1, one of the points being the result of a penalty against the aforesaid full back. The defeated made a game show, but, as we have indicated, it was a straggling and unduly energetic effort, and it would be well if they tried to infuse a little more method into their madness if they mean to fight with any degree of success against the leading clubs of the city. Smith was not overburdened with work, both backs covering him with excellent judgment. The halves were only fairly successful, indulging in too much long kicking, while Joe Davidson lay too long on the ball. They should pass a little more to their forwards, and not bang the ball about without looking what they are doing, as was the case on Saturday, when goal kicks were the order of the day. As a line, the forwards were weak, lacking combination - Milne and J Mackie alone getting along with any degree of success. C W Mackie got crippled at the start, and was of little use after. Adam Taylor was a great disappointment, and will have to spur up if he means to retain his reputation. The second eleven man, Crawford, got little opportunity to shine, and we will have to see him again before passing an opinion on his merits. Mackie at goal, Murray at half, and Smith forward were the pick of the'visiting eleven. Mr Hunter held the whistle with his usual tack and ability.

Source: Bon-Accord, 24th October 1895

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smyth; John Davidson, Low; Alexander, Joseph Davidson, Anderson; Crawford, Taylor, C. W. Mackie, Milne, J. Mackie


Peterhead Teamsheet:  Mackie; Cordiner, Henderson; Cowie, Murray, Forrest; Sutherland, McKechnie, Smith, Moir, Stephen


Referee: Mr. Hunter, Montrose

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