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match report 1895-96 fixture list
Peterhead 1 - 2 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Recreation Park, Peterhead
Peterhead Badly Beaten.
For the fifth time this season Peterhead engaged an Aberdeen senior team - this time on their own ground. The local men played a most determined game, especially in the second half, and the result was Aberdeen 2, Peterhead 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 25th November 1895


Mud-Throwing at Peterhead.

The Whites journeyed to Peterhead on Saturday, and overcame the Buchan champions by 2 goals to 1, a score by the way, which by no means represents the play - the Aberdeen scoring other two goals which seemed legitimate, while the referee granted a penalty kick to the homesters from which they scored. Catto (Woodside), who was playing back for the Chanonry team, while attempting to head the ball, came in contact with the Peterhead centre forward (Smith), the ball dropping between them without even a foul being committed, and how the referee granted the penalty only himself knows, as even the local players themselves were astonished at the decision. The game was of the usual character so common to the quarter - rough and tumble, the principal responsibility for this lying with the referee and Murray, the local centre half. The former showed his incompetency from the very first - reversing his decisions, &c., while Murray acted very much as if he had been performing an Ashantee war dance. This was not the worst, however. On mounting the 'bus which was to convey them to their hotel, a contingent of youngsters commenced to pelt the Aberdonians with mud; &c, an operation which was kept up with great vigour until the strangers were safely within the North-Eastern. I am afraid young Peterhead is incorrigible. Perhaps a suspension of the grounds would have a good effect. Whatever comes out of it, I have the best authority for stating that it will be " twa dry days an' a weetie " ere the Aberdeen visit the seaside village again, unless some tangible guarantee is given that they will be protected. Poor Alexander talked of an action for damages, while Maitland was seen to shed a big tear over the wreck of his brand [new] white necktie.

Source: Bon-Accord, 28th November 1895

Mr Cardno, secretary of the Peterhead F.C., favours us with a strongly-worded protest against what he calls "the false and slanderous reports" which have appeared in the last two issues of our paper, and alleges that the assertion that "the Aberdeen had two other goals disallowed is a deliberate falsehood, the facts of the case being that the refereeing went all in the visitors' favour, Peterhead losing two goals through misjudgment of the penalty rule by the referee," adding that "Peterhead had the ball through three times legitimately, while the Aberdeen had it through only twice." Mr Cardno carefully passes over our remarks anent Murray - a very significant fact He gives in to the mud-throwing, but draws the line at stones, Mr Cardno must surely have a peculiar idea of the concomitant parts of mud, or that article must be of a singularly rare kind in Peterhead. If it contains no stones - not even small stones. Friend Cardno will forgive us if we, in deference to him, take our correspondents' view of matters, as both of them, quite unknown to each other, told the same story. "What about Torry or Cattofield? Think of the many fights at Torry and Wellington Grounds, and the break in the other week at Chanonry!" exclaims the indignant secretary. For an answer to these queries we direct the writer to our weekly reports. We are no respector of persons, as Mr C ought to know if he is a reader of BON-ACCORD. Where the birch is wanted, it is laid on - be the transgressors whom they may. It has been our aim to give correct and unbiased reports, and if the position of the paper in the sporting world of the north may be taken as an argument, then we have been eminently successful in our mission, and threats will not turn us aside from the path of duty.

Source: Bon-Accord, 5th December 1895

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Referee: Robert Turner, Aberdeen

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