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match report 1900-01 fixture list
Northern League 
Forfar Athletic 2 - 3 Orion
Kick Off:    Rodger, Dickson       Livingstone, Livingstone, Livingstone  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Station Park, Forfar
Orion Scintillating.
Forfar Athletic's opening at Station Park on Saturday was by no means a brilliant one, either from a football point of view or a financial aspect, although the latter may have been accounted for to some extent by the attraction at Lochside. In the early stages of the game it looked as if Orion were to return to the Granite City with a very handsome goal register to their credit, and undoubtedly they would have done so had it not been for the excellent defensive play of the Forfar backs (McFarlane and Gibb). Both teams indulged pretty freely in the bouncing game, but some good passing was shown by the Orion, who in the first period managed to beat Shepherd three times, Livingstone (centre-forward) notching all threw points. The second period saw another face put on matters, and the home team, despite the fact that they were playing ten men - Mason having had to leave the field as the result of a kick he received fifteen minutes after the start of the game - made plucky efforts to save their laurels. It fell to the lot of Rodger, whose play on Saturday more than justified his inclusion in half-back line, to score the first goal of the season, the home team's second point being secured in an exciting tussle by Dickson from the right wing. The game all through was, unfortunately, tinged with roughness, and there was a supply of energy on the part of both teams that would have been more effective had some of it been replaced by a smattering of care and science. Spence at half-back and Dickson in the front line were both in good form. McBain, who occupied the position between the posts for the Aberdeen team showed up well all through the game, and received able assistance from Thomson at right-back. In the half-back line Willocks showed out prominently.

Source: Dundee Courier, 20th August 1900

locally to bring off a victory, and their first success augurs well for the future. They evidently surprised the good folks at Forfar, especially in the first half. According to all accounts great things were expected from Forfar this season, and the crowd could hardly believe that their pets stood three down at half-time. The surprise was that it was not more, for the Orion set a terrific pace, and time after time ran the Forfar halves practically off their feet. But the hot pace of the first half took a lot out the Stripes, and their play fell away a good deal in the second term. Forfar, who played ten men last half, were successful on two occasions, once from a penalty, and had they been able to play full strength there is no saying how the game might have went. But why think about "ifs?" It is enough for us that our team won, and whatever clubs are to be bottom of the league, judging by Saturday's results it not to be either the Orion or Vics.

Source: Bon-Accord, 23rd August 1900

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