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AFC - Match Report
match report 1895-96 fixture list
Northern League 
Orion 2 - 4 Dundee Wanderers
Kick Off:    ?, ?       Aimers, ?, ?, Peat  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Blighted Hopes at Cattofield.
Before a fairly large attendance these elevens: met at Cattofield under Northern league auspices. In the Orion team, Grant occupied the position of right back, and McBain took Duncan's place at inside left. The pitch was in capital condition. For fully ten minutes after the kick-off the visitors continually assailed the Orion's goal, and but for the smart play of McBain the home eleven would undoubtedly have been worsted. Ultimately the Orion succeeded in forcing their opponents to retreat, but about ten minutes later the Wanderers, through Aimers, obtained their first point. Shortly afterwards they added another goal. The first half was all in favour of the strangers, who crossed over leading by two goals to nil.

Immediately on the restart the Orion attacked the Wanderers' goal. Corner after corner fell to the besiegers, and at last they scored. Keeping up the pressure, the Orion often had hard lines. The Wanderers played a capital defensive game, however, and the Orion were repeatedly driven back. Succeeding in shaking off their assailants, the right wing of the visitors with a smart run carried the ball to within tea yards of the Orion's goal. Here a scrimmage took place, and eventually McBean had to concede a third point. For a time play was somewhat equal, but the Orion again assumed the superiority, and made numerous visits to the Wanderers' end. The strangers' defence proved too much for them, however, and they were unsuccessful in their attempts to score. Another lightning run by Peat, the Wanderers' outside right, resulted in a fourth goal being scored. Final result: Wanderers 4, Orion 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 10th February 1896

After their team's display on the previous Saturday at Chanonry, Orion supporters were hopeful of another victory against Dundee Wanderers, but, alas! luck was dead against them, and defeat once again their portion. The game was an exceedingly fast one all through, and the Orion have no disgrace in being beaten Wanderers were a much heavier team, their defence excellent, and the goal keeper exceptionally smart. In the first half play was pretty equal. Orion showed a sturdy defence against wind and incline, while their forwards had some good tries at the tipper goal. A weakness was, however, perceptible at back, of which the Wanderers took every advantage, and scored twice after repeated mistakes by Orion's new back. The Stripes pressed almost all the second period, but in spite of their best efforts they were unable to score oftener than twice. Their very eagerness to win was accountable for their defeat, for on two of the few occasions Wanderers broke away, Orion's defence were too far down, and the backs being unable to stop the rush of the strangers' forwards, other two goals resulted. Orion's play was value for a draw, and although thus beaten by 4 to 2 they have no cause to be downhearted.

Source: Bon-Accord, 13th February 1896

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