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match report 1895-96 fixture list
Victoria United 2 - 0 Motherwell
Kick Off:    McConnachie, Tarbot        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Rousing Game at Torry.
These teams met at Torry Bridge Grounds on Saturday in beautiful weather before a large attendance of spectators, Mr A, Aitchison officiated as referee. For a short time after the game opened play was restricted to midfield, but the home team wakened up, and made several unsuccessful attempts to score, Motherwell now worked their way to Gillespie, but although they repeatedly attacked the home citadel the defence proved invulnerable. Immediately before half-time, the United made a combined rush down field, and McConnachie, touching in a pass from Caie, notched the first point, a plea of offside by the visitors not being upheld. During the second portion of the game, each team made frequent incursions on the other's territory, and Tarbot, with a fine shot from well out, brought to a successful termination a short bombardment of the strangers' goal. A period of equal play ensued, and the match resulted: Victoria United, 2 goals; Motherwell, 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 10th February 1896



As the lads from Motherwell trooped on to the field on Saturday, "The Vics, are in for it!" was the general remark. Such was not to be, the Blues emerging victorious, and without a single point being put up against them. Two goals to nil was not a fair index of the play, however, as with the slightest modicum of luck, and a more intelligent referee, the strangers would have scored more than once. As it was, they played a fine game in the open, but with the defence of the homesters at its best and the strangers' behaviour in front of goal at times unsteady, they failed to get through. The Vics, excelled in defence, Gillespie, Ririe, and Anderson playing grandly. Ririe was specially noticeable, tackling and kicking like a veritable Dan Doyle. Little Morrice "broke out in a new place," once in a way infusing into his play judgment of a superior order. Gordon travelled too much, and Annand I never remember having seen to so little advantage. The attack of the forwards left a great deal to be desired. Maconnachie, Caie, and Ritchie were the best. The game was a fiery one right through the piece, but nothing serious occurred till close on the finish, when the visitors put on full steam ahead. Here "ThomŽson," of the home side, and the opposing centre half opposed each other in two wild rounds, of which, by the way, the referee took no notice. The miners' centre is a tough customer, and no doubt was the aggressor, but the individual "of the first instance " and the retaliator must be taught manners, and Mr Atchison committed a gross error in not reading the Riot Act at least. As I have indicated, the vanquished suffered from the erratic decisions of the referee. The first goal was glaringly offside; a foul was given instead of a penalty; and Gillespie in clearing a stinging shot stepped through his goal in punching out. The home team also suffered, though not to such an extent. A more colourless exposition than that given by the referee (Mr Atchison) I have seldom seen, and his reputation as a "director of the forces" has gone down to the water's edge. A sturdy, ding-dong lot are Motherwell, who not only play with energy, but not a little science. The goalkeeper is not a pearl, but the backs and halves are a fine lot, and so are the forwards, Goldie being a real gem.

Source: Bon-Accord, 13th February 1896

Victoria United Teamsheet: 


Motherwell Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr. A. Aithcheson

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