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match report 1895-96 fixture list
Victoria United 0 - 2 Orion
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Representative elevens of these clubs met at Victoria Bridge Grounds under friendly auspices. There was an attendance of fully 4000 spectators. The weather was of a somewhat cold nature, but the pitch was in capital order. For some time after the kick-off the Orion had by far the beat of matters, and Gillespie was kept hard at work. Thom sent in a shot which the United's custodian saved with great, difficulty. Both teams played determinedly, and the game was fast and at times exciting. Ultimately a touch was given to the Orion about fifteen yards from their opponents' goalmouth. The ball was thrown in, and Thom, striking it with his head, it dropped within a few yards of the Blues' goal-line. Here a scrimmage took place, out of which the visitors obtained their first point. The United forward line accomplished several smart runs, but their progress was invariably stopped by Mackay, who was playing a fine defensive game. Again getting possession of the ball, Thom carried it well down the field; Ririe rushed in and endeavoured to return the leather, but, shooting short, Stopani got possession of it, and he had no difficulty in scoring the Orion's second goal. Throughout the remainder of the first period the Orion were slightly the better eleven, although the United accomplished a number of smart pieces of play. The Orion's defence was going in grand form, and the half-back line - especially Currie - gave a creditable exhibition. For the United, Caie and Forsyth in the front rank were constantly harassing the Orion's defence, which, however, proved invincible. Half-time arrived with the Orion leading by two goals to nil. In the latter period a more equal fight was witnessed. Both teams paid innumerable visits to the respective ends, but they failed to improve matters. The defence of each side was kept busily at work, but the players performed their work nobly. When time was called the score remained unaltered. Result: Orion 2, Victoria United 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th February 1896

If the hopes of the Orion supporters were blighted at Cattofield on the sixth they were revived again on Saturday when their favourites unexpectedly defeated the Blues on their own ground at Torry in presence of a great turn out of spectators. In football the unexpected almost as often happens as the expected, and this was amply borne out by the result of Saturday. The Stripes all round played the superior game, infusing into their tactics an earnestness which was much needed. Of the players, both goalkeepers gave a splendid account of themselves. Gillespie was oftener tried than McBean, and did well to escape with only two points chalked up against him. "Doggie" was visited only by fits and starts, but these trips were invariably dangerous, and it says much for the little fellow's agility and cleverness that his side escaped with a clean sheet. McKay filled his old place with distinction, and Ross has played a better game, his judicious tackling forming a striking feature in the Orion's defence. Anderson and Ririe were very much out of it, the opposing forwards getting round them almost at will, while Morrice, Gordon, and Annand suffered terribly in comparison with the Cattofield trio of halves. Currie was as sharp as a needle, pricking wee Maconnachie to some tune, and Jim Wight held the left wing well in hand, whiles Low's hard work was highly commendable and of much service, Thom's "sentence" having expired, he appeared at centre, and his inclusion in the team seemed to have an inspiriting effect upon his companions, all of whom, with the exception of little Bruce, played in much improved form. When Thom did exert himself, there was always danger, but he was a trifle indolent. Stopani and Leggat got along nicely together, and Duncan was full of life, and did remarkably well. Forsyth, Maconnachie, and Caie were the best of the Blues' front line, and Burnett the worst, the latter committing many; and grievous mistakes. The referee was the best player on the field, keeping his men well in hand, and consequently roughing was at a premium.

Source: Bon-Accord, 20th February 1896

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