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match report 1895-96 fixture list
Gershon Cup 
Orion 2 - 2 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    ?, Gloag       ?, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
This game was played at Cattofield before a fairly large attendance. The Orion were strongly represented, but the Aberdeen were without Smyth, their goalkeeper, who was in Glasgow taking part in the trial matches for the selection of an eleven to do service for Scot¬land against England on 4th April. During the first half the Orion had by far the best of matters, but the Aberdeen played in fine style, and the Stripes were repeatedly driven back. Shortly before half time the Orion, through Gloag, scored their first goal. Throughout the second half the game was very equal, both teams having periods of attack, which culminated in the Aberdeen scoring two points and the Orion one.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 9th March 1896

As it didn't matter a pin-head which of the teams came out successful in the Gershon cup tie between the Orion and Aberdeen at Cattofield last Saturday, little interest surrounded the fixture. Nevertheless, a fine turn-out of spectators lined the ropes. They must have been sadly disappointed, however, as from first to last a more straggling, uninteresting game one could hardly imagine, only a limited number playing above mediocrity, while not a few were next to useless. The result was a draw (2 each), about all the play was worth; but had Gall played at all the Whites might have pulled through. A feebler display than that of the ex-back has seldom been witnessed in a leading team. J. Mackie was the best of the Aberdeen front line, and McIntosh was fair, but Toman did not show any of that brilliancy he is credited with at Ibrox. McKay lacks experience, and was undecided and apparently nervous. Thomson was slightly the best half, and John Davidson easily led at fall back, while Ritchie in goal made a good sub. for Smyth, displaying promising saving tactics. McBean was not burdened, the backs being a much stronger pair than the Aberdeen defenders - McKay for choice. Currie was the most successful player of the 22, Low useful, and Wight very good. Forward, Thom was seen to the most advantage, but the others were far from being up to the mark, "Williams" especially so - his performance and that of Gall's being much on a par. As a spectator re¬marked, "The match was not worth going a yard to see," and as he came from the southern end of Great Western Road you can judge of his feelings. They must have been as bitter as gall, if the sickly look on his face had any meaning.

Source: Bon-Accord, 12th March 1896

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