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match report 1895-96 fixture list
Charity Cup Semi Final 
Orion 4 - 2 Victoria United
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 5,000
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
In presence of between 4500 and 5000 spectators, these elevens met at Chanonry in the semi-final round for the charity cup. The game throughout was a long struggle for supremacy, and never was a team more deserving of victory that the Orion, who won by four goals to two.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 30th March 1896

For this season at any rate the Vics have said good-bye to the Charity Cup. The victory of the Orion by 4-2 was a very popular one, and we don't think the Vics will grudge the Orion their success when they already are holders of the Association Cup, Gershon Cup, and 2nd XI Cup.
Last Saturday's game will rank as the best yet played this season by two local teams. From first to last the match was brimful of excitement, and the immense crowd that witnessed the play went away delighted with the afternoon's entertainment. Cup-tie matches as a rule are generally of the scrambling order, and devoid of any genuine football, but this was not the case on Saturday. Right from the kick-off it was evident that the display on both sides would be of the hard and fast order. For a long time there was little or nothing to choose between the teams, although the Orion deserved their 2 to 1 lead at half-time.
For the first 15 minutes in the second half the Stripes kept up an incessant attack on the Vics' goal, and every now and again there were shouts from all parts of the field of "Goal!" So well, however, did the Torry defenders stand up to the rushes of their opponents' forwards that they not only prevented them from scoring, but enabled their own front rank to break away and equalise. Now came the tug-of-war. Cheered on by their supporters, the Cattofield men went at it harder than ever, the extraordinary dash of their forwards proving too much for the Blues. A third goal for the Stripes, then a fourth, and it was all UP for the Vics.
As we have said, the game was a grand one throughout. First one side and then the other seemed to carry everything before it, but when the Orion got the lead a second time they never slackened for a moment. From goal to the extreme left every player seemed trained to the hour, and the faster the game got the more fit the Orion seemed to get. McBean was very safe in goal, and brought off some clever saves. At back Ross and Mackay were both good, the former, if anything, being the better of the two.
It was at half-back that the winners had the pull over the Vics, Wight, Low, and Currie are the best half-back line the Orion ever had. It would be difficult to say who was the better half on Saturday, Of course, Low's style of play differs from that of either Wight or Currie. In stop¨ping rushes Low's services are invaluable to his side, while, on the other band, Wight and Currie excel in "placing" to their forwards. The non-success of the outside wing men of the Vics was due in great measure to the smartness of the half-backs opposite them.
Coming to the Orion forwards, we admired the perfect understanding that existed between them. Hogg maintained his last week's good form, and has a clever backer-up In Leggat. Gloag was as tricky as ever, but must get rid of that practice of using his hands at goal-mouth. Thom once or twice shot rather wildly, but he kept the wing men well supplied with the ball. Stopani was often in evidence, and has a rare turn of speed.
Gillespie did well in goal for the losers, and could not possibly have saved the shots that got past him. Owing to an accident to his leg a week ago, Ririe was an absentee. Allan, of Montrose, took his place. The Montrose man played a good game throughout, and the want of Ririe in no way weakened the Vics' defence. Anderson was the best back on the field, and played a brilliant game throughout. For clean kicking he has no superior in town.
Annand was a long way in front of the other two halfs, and was always in the thick of the game, either in defensive or aggressive work. Caie and Ritchie were the pick of the forwards! Both generally led off in the rushes indulged in by the forwards, but they did not receive the support they deserved. Maconnachie is not sustaining the reputation he made earlier in the season. He and Forsyth are a clever couple, but their dallying is overdone. Currie was more than a match for them. Wing play is all very well in the open, but near goal it pays better to keep the ball In the centre. Mr Bailie (Edinburgh St Bernard) was referee. The pity is that we don't see him oftener: He was very smart with his decisions, and quickly checked the slightest attempt at roughness.
The gate amounted to £55 11s 11d. Orion now meet the Aberdeen In the final.

Source: Bon-Accord, 2nd April 1906

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Victoria United Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr. Baillie, St Bernards

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