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AFC - Match Report
match report 1896-97 fixture list
The Aberdeen 0 - 4 Dundee
Kick Off:          McArthur, McArthur, Devlin, McArthur  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
In beautiful weather, and in presence of a large crowd of spectators, a match was played at Chanonry yesterday between the Aberdeen and Dundee teams. The players were: Dundee - Hillman; Kelso, Burgess; Stormont, Robertson, Hall; Clark, Delvin, McArthur, Willox, Smith. Aberdeen - Smyth; J. Davidson, C. W. Mackie; P.ŽSmith, J. Smith, Thomson; Cable, Milne, Cadger, Goldie, J. Mackie. Mr J, Philip was referee.

Dundee won the the toss, and sent Aberdeen to play against the sun towards the west goal. From the kick-off the ground team made a smart run into their opponents' territory, but play was soon transferred to the other end, and a strong attack made on the east citadel. By-and-bye the pressure was relieved, and the homesters became the aggressors, good service being rendered by the right wing. From a throw in Cadger subsequently got possession of the ball, and sent in a well-directed shot, which Hillman managed to fist out. In a few minutes other two assaults were made on the strangers' goal, but in each instance the ball went over the bar. Keen, but somewhat promiscuous, play followed. Ultimately the strangers made a good combined run, and, thanks to McArthur, as the second of two efforts, registered the first goal in the match. In a few minutes McArthur repeated the operation. From the kick-off, the Aberdeen inside left, made a try at scoring, but sent the ball wide. Soon afterwards the homesters were conceded a corner, but nothing came of it. Then the Aberdeen outside left man sent in a warm shot, but Hillman saved at the expense of a corner, which proved resultless. A period of comparative inactivity was followed by Mackie passing a smart shot across the goal month to Cable, who sent the ball into the net off his hand. Some exciting play followed, which culminated in Devlin eluding Smyth's vigilance, and scoring the third goal - an easy one. No further scoring took place in the first half, which ended: Dundee 3, Aberdeen 0.

On the resumption of play Smyth was soon called upon to save his charge, and he rose to the occasion. Play, which was of a somewhat aimless kind, was continued in Aberdeen's territory for some time, but the back division managed to keep their lines clear. By-and-bye the strangers were conceded a corner, but the ball was sent harmlessly behind. Ultimately, the Aberdeen forwards broke away, and J. Mackie sent in a dangerous shot from the left wing, which Hillman grandly saved. The Dundee men now revisited their opponents' territory, but no harm was done, and soon Hillman was called upon to exhibit his skill as a custodian. The strangers retaliated, the outside left man sending in a swift shot, which crossed the goal. Aberdeen again had a look in, Goldie sending in a warmer which required all Hillman's ability to parry. The homesters next secured a corner, but the Dundee backs relieved. Aberdeen continued to play with considerable vigour, Thomson especially distinguishing himself, but all their efforts proved futile, a splendid defence being opposed to them. The strangers by and bye got away, and McArthur succeeded in beating Smyth, thus registering his side's fourth goal. Some exciting passages ensued, first one team and then the other assuming the offensive, the homesters especially more than once experiencing hard lines, and having the advantage in the struggle. The game degenerated somewhat in character, fouls being more frequent than was desirable. No goals were forthcoming, however, and interest in the match began to wane. The close arrived with the game unaltered: Dundee 4; Aberdeen 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 29th September 1896

This holiday match came off at Aberdeen yesterday before a large attendance of spectators. The following were the teams that took the field: Dundee - Hillman; Kelso and Burgess; Robertson, Stormont, and Hall; Clark. Devlin, McArthur, Willocks, and Smith. Aberdeen - Smyth; John Davidson and C. W. Mackie; P. Smith, J. Smith, and Thomson; Cable, Milne, Cadger, Goldie, and J. Mackie. Referee? Mr J. Philips, Aberdeen. Dundee won the toss, and set Aberdeen to kick off against a strong sun. The homesters were the first to press, but they were gradually driven back upon their own lines, Dundee scoring, as the result of some fine combination, through M'Arthur. Shortly afterwards the same player was responsible for another point, and when half-time arrived Dundee led by 3 to 0. Any chances that fell to Aberdeen in the first half were thrown away owing to bad shooting, and the powerful goalkeeping of Hillman was a factor which told severely against their well-meant efforts. In the second half M'Arthur again scored, and the match ended in the visitors' favour by 4 goals to 0.

Hillman played a cool and scientific game in goal for Dundee, and Kelso made many friends by his play, while McArthur proved a model centre. Burgess had more to do than Kelso, and was also serviceable. Hall was the pick of the halves. Aberdeen made a capital show, Milne in front, the Smiths, and C. W. Mackie being prominent.

Source: Dundee Courier, 29th September 1896

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smyth; J. Davidson, C. W. Mackie; P.ŽSmith, J. Smith, Thomson; Cable, Milne, Cadger, Goldie, J. Mackie


Dundee Teamsheet:  Hillman; Kelso, Burgess; Stormont, Robertson, Hall; Clark, Delvin, McArthur, Willox, Smith


Referee: Mr. James Philip, Aberdeen

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