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match report 1896-97 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup 
The Aberdeen 1 - 1 Orion
Kick Off:    ?       Thom  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Perhaps it was unfortunate that two of the three principal county teams should have been pitted against each other in the initial round of the ties, it necessarily implies that one of them must retire, but it was so decreed, and while the United were practically sure of passing the first round, the Aberdeen and Orion were called upon to contest it. If one were to analyse the play of both elevens previous to the meeting on Saturday, it would be found that the Orion were decidedly the better team. Yet, during the past few weeks the Aberdeen have shown a steady improvement, and while it was generally expected that the Cattofield eleven would be the victors, it was felt that they would require so work hard for the win. This opinion was not belied by the play and the result. The game ended in a draw of one goal each, and it is not too much to ray that the Aberdeen on the afternoon's play were decidedly the superior eleven, and while they did not win. they deserved to do so. The match was terminated in semi-darkness.


When the teams stepped on the field it was seen that there had been changes in both sides since the previous week. Owing to the indisposition of Currie, Dawson was placed in the halfback line, and McLennan. was given a trial. On the Aberdeen side, Marshall, of the second eleven was included. The teams lined up as follows: Orion ? McBean; Gordon, Ross; Wight, Low, Dawson; McLennan, McFarlane, Thom, Leggat, Hogg. Aberdeen ? Ritchie; John Davidson, Gall; A. Smith, J. Smith, Thomson; R. Thomson, Milne, Cadger, J. Mackie, Marshall. Mr McHardy, Edinburgh, was referee. The crowd numbered some 3000, and, considering the bitterly cold weather, this was considered to be a very good attendance. Aberdeen worn the toss, and thus had the choice of ends. A strong wind prevailed, but as it blew across the field it was of comparatively little assistance to either team. Orion kicked off, and for a time kept the Aberdeen defence in a state of activity, but Davidson, Gall, and Ritchie guarded well the goal. From the start there was an apparent looseness in the play of the Orion's forward quintette, due to the failure of the centre forward to keep together the wing quartette. A corner was awarded the Aberdeen shortly after the start, and but for the smartness shown by McBean it would have been converted. An example of how quickly play can be transferred was given at this point. Immediately after McBean had nullified the chance of the Aberdeen reaping any benefit by the corner the Orion forwards gained possession of the ball, and before fifty seconds had passed it had been placed in the whites' net. This was the only really good piece of play accomplished by Thom daring the match. As the Orion obtained their goal ten minutes after the start, of the game it was reasonably believed that they were destined to be the victors. Instead of disheartening the Aberdeen, this reverse only helped to stimulate them to further energy. For the succeeding 25 minutes, the game was pretty evenly contested, but the Aberdeen ultimately brought the scores level. The effective shot was a comparatively easy one, and the fact that a goal was obtained by it was due to the slackness of the Orion defence at the critical moment. The teams crossed over without leaving the field, with one goal each to their credit. The second forty-five minutes' play was very much in favour of the Aberdeen, who experienced hard lines on several occasions in their attempts to score. Perhaps the only time keen interest was roused by the play was when, about fifteen minutes after the restart, both teams put forward a supreme effort to obtain the winning point. On both sides the defence was good, but in the case of the Orion the forward play was miserable. The Aberdeen front division showed a remarkable determination, and while their exhibition was devoid of all science, they gave the Orion's defence considerable trouble. Currie was greatly missed in the Orion's half-back division. The game will be replayed at Cattofield on Saturday next.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 16th November 1896

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ritchie; John Davidson, Gall; A. Smith, J. Smith, Thomson; R. Thomson, Milne, Cadger, J. Mackie, Marshall


Orion Teamsheet:  McBean; Gordon, Ross; Wight, Low, Dawson; McLennan, McFarlane, Thom, Leggat, Hogg


Referee: Mr. McHardy, Edinburgh

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