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AFC - Match Report
match report 1896-97 fixture list
Northern League 
Orion 6 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:  2:30 PM   A. McFarlane, Allan (o.g.), ?, ?, ?, ?       Forsyth, Caie, From Scrimmage  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
During the past week, the principal topic of conversation amongst local football enthusiasts was the encounter between the Orion and the Victoria United at Cattofield in the Northern League competition. Despite the severe weather a large crowd of the supporters of both elevens assembled to see their favourites, and it was generally admitted that such a concourse of spectators had not been seen within Orion Park for a considerable time. Unfortunately, however, the pitch was covered by snow to a depth of about two inches, and this had the effect of rendering the movements of the combatants very difficult. The match was timed to begin at 2:15 in order to be finished before darkness set in, but the United were 15 minutes late in arriving. It was then ascertained that they would have to play with ten men, as Thornton did not put in an appearance. The teams lined up as follows: Orion - McBean; James Low, Ross; Wight, Low, Dawson; A. McFarlane, M. McFarlane, Thom, Leggatt, Hogg. United - Gillespie; Grant, Allan; Stopani, Davidson, Annand; Murison, Burnett, Caie, Ritchie. Orion kicked off uphill, and immediately made for their opponents' goal, but were successfully repulsed. Again they invaded, and after a sharp attack A. McFarlane deflated Gillespie with a swift shot. Play for some time was equally divided, but the Cattofield team by continued pressure gradually neared the United's goal. A fine shot was sent in, and Allan attempted to head out, but the ball rebounded into the net, and the Orion secured their second point. Shortly afterwards the United's ranks were strengthened by the inclusion of Forsyth who took Thornton's place. With a rush the Torry men came down on the Orion's goal, and a hot siege culminated in Forsyth opening the scoring with a swift shot. This gave some encouragement to the United, who played with renewed vigour. The Orion had now a look in, but the United backs cleared, and the forwards carried the leather down the field. A splendid shot from Caie took effect, and thus put the game on level terms. Excitement ran high, the last dash of the United surprising the spectators. From the kick-off, Orion invaded and Thom netted the ball, but before doing so had fouled, and the point was therefore dis¬allowed. A foul near the Orion's goal looked ominous for the Stripes, and McBean cleared with difficulty. Shortly afterwards half-time was sounded with the scores' equal - two goals each.

Orion had the advantage of the incline in the second period and it was expected they would soon turn the tables. The United commenced very auspiciously, however, and by dint of hard pressure got within range. The Orion citadel was now subjected to a severe attack. McBean saved twice in splendid style, but the ball was ultimately scrimmaged into the net, thus giving the United the lead. From a foul, Orion shortly afterwards got down the field and Leggat sent in a capital shot, which Gillespie saved. Hogg also had a fine try, but the ball missed the goal by inches. The heavy nature of the ground affected the teams, who both showed signs of being fagged out. Orion again attacked, and Gillespie returned some likely shots. An exciting scrimmage afterwards took place in front of Orion's goal. Further exciting play was witnessed, and an interesting and well-contested game ended in a win for Orion by six goals to three. The score indicates the run of the game, although United up to about the close made a plucky stand. They fell away completely, however, and allowed the Orion to net four goals within 15 minutes. All the members of Orion's front rank distinguished themselves. Dawson was perhaps the most serviceable half-back, although the other two were not far behind. The backs have done better many a time, but McBean amply made up for the deficiency. The United's front rank showed fine combination, but Ritchie was at times rather slow. The half-backs were in capital fettle, and it was generally admitted that Stopani had not played such an excellent game since he joined the United. Grant and Allan were a pair of sure backs, while Gillespie was a reliable goalkeeper.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 21st December 1896

Orion Teamsheet:  McBean; James Low, Ross; Wight, Low, Dawson; A. McFarlane, M. McFarlane, Thom, Leggatt, Hogg


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Gillespie; Grant, Allan; Stopani, Davidson, Annand; Murison, Burnett, Caie, Forsyth, Ritchie



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