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match report 1896-97 fixture list
Victoria United 4 - 1 St Johnstone
Kick Off:    Forsyth, Murison,Burnett, ?       Dakers  
Attendance: 1,000
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
The St Johnstone, the champions of Perth, paid a friendly visit to the Victoria United at Tony. Considering that there were other two games in progress, the patronage given to this match was very encouraging, about 1000 persons being present. The exhibition of the two clubs did not disappoint the crowd. The rearrangement effected by the United in their team proved advantageous, and it was not too much to say that had the same eleven been doing duty during the past month, the record of defeats sustained by the Torry club would not have been so heavy. The familiar figure of Robertson at back was omitted in the Perth team, but otherwise the players lined up in the following order: St Johnstone - Tulloch; R. McFarlane, Dakers; Anderson, Hill, Burgess; McKenzie, Cameron, W. McFarlane, Moir, Diak. United - Findlay; Grant, Allan; Stopani, Davidson, Annand; Murison, Burnett, Forsyth, Thornton, Ritchie. The referee was Mr Thomson, of the Orion club.

Led on by Forsyth, that evergreen player, the United attacked at the outset, and for the first twenty minutes the visitors' defence was kept briskly engaged. The Perth backs, however, were somewhat loose in their play, and they left too much to be done by Tulloch, who, while he accomplished his part well, was unable to cope with the numerous shots that were showered upon him. The result was that in a very short time the United were leading by two goals to nil. It was quite evident that the Aberdeen men were determined to win by the manner in which they entered into the struggle. What seemed a likely chance of scoring was thrown away by McKenzie, the outside right of St Johnstone, but Cameron made amends for the blunder by defeating Findlay after a short but sharp attack. The visitors seemed to settle down better after this success, but it was apparent that they were playing a losing game. The fine forward play of Forsyth and his colleagues and the excellent exhibition given by Stopani and Annand at half-back prevailed, and before the teams crossed over the United led by 3-1.

The opening stages of the second period were signalised by fast play, both teams having an equal share. The visitors showed up better I this half, but they had ultimately to retire defeated by four goals to one. Forsyth at centre deserves credit for the excellent manner in which he combined the wing quartette, and for his individual play. Stopani sent in some of the fastest shots that ever a custodian was called upon to save, and the accurate shooting of Annand severely tested the character of Tulloch as a custodian. Findlay negotiated several dangerous shots. Some of the decisions of the referee were subject to adverse criticism.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 18th January 1897

Victoria United Teamsheet: 


St Johnstone Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr. J. Thomson, Orion

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