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match report 1896-97 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup Final Replay 
Orion 5 - 2 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Thom,        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
The Orion and the Victoria, United again met at Chanonry in the final round for the Aberdeenshire Cup, and a pleasant game ended in favour of the Orion by five goals to two. The crowd numbered about 5000, and the drawings amounted to 102 - 8 less than those of the previous week. While no changes had been made in the United team, the unfortunate accident which occurred to Wight necessitated an alteration in the composition of the Orion. The teams were: Orin - McBean; James Low, Rose; Dawson, John Low, Currie; A. McFarlane, M. McFarlane, Thom, Leggat, Hogg. United - Findlay; Maconnachie, McNeil; Stopani, Davidson Annand; Morrice, Murison, Forsyth, Thornton, Ritchie. Prior to the commencement of the game both teams, with the officials of the respective clubs, several of the office-bearers of the Aberdeenshire Association, and the County Cup were photographed by Mr Porter, of Messrs G. Hardie & Co., King Street. The weather was of a pleasant nature, and but for a stiff breeze the match was engaged in under very favourable conditions indeed. Fortunate in winning the toss, Morrice, the captain of the United, chose the west end of the field, where he had the sun and wind in his favour.

Viewed from a scientific standpoint, the play was much inferior to that witnessed in the previous week. At times the struggle was no less severe, but on the whole both periods were too much of a one-sided character. With the atmospheric conditions in their favour, the United pressed most in the first half, but owing to having been by recklessness and bad luck deprived of many excellent chances of increasing their goal register, they led by only one goal at the end of the first period, the score being 2-1. One of the features of the half was the fine run by Thom by which he obtained the Orion's first goal.

If the game was somewhat one-sided in the first period it was more so in the second. Rarely did the United get within shooting distance of the Orion's goal, and not once did they succeed in defeating McBean. The United had, of course, to contend against a strong wind and a bright sun, and the Orion took more advantage of their favourable position than their opponents had done when they had the sea and wind with them. Immediately after the restart the Orion attacked, and almost scored on several occasions. Ultimately, however, by a neat piece of play on the part of Hogg, Leggat obtained the ball, and headed it into the net. Thus placed on an equality, both teams worked hard for the winning point, but it was evident that the United's chances of victory were anything but rosy. The Orion continued their aggressive work, and their efforts were rewarded before the close by getting other three goals, the game ending - Orion 5, United 2.

The Orion's left wing was perhaps the most effective part of either of the teams. Hogg and Leggat have never been seen in better form, the former's play being extremely neat. Thom played well, but he threw away many favourable opportunities. A. McFarlane and M. McFarlane did not show up so well as they did in the former match, Annand giving them much trouble. The Orion's half back trio were not altogether a success; Currie was the best of the three. The back division was strengthened by the inclusion of James Low. The left wing of the United gave a fine exhibition, and Ritchie ran Forsyth hard for the honour of being the best individual player on the field. Annand stood head and shoulders above the other two half backs who, however, by no means gave a disappointing display. McNeil was comparatively poor. Very little can be gained by kicking the ball into the air, as he persisted in doing. Maconnachie played well, and McBean was the better of the two goalkeepers.
This is the third time the Orion have won the Aberdeenshire Cup since the competition was instituted in the season of 1887-88, compared with four times by the United, and three times by the Aberdeen.


The cup was presented to the winners in the Waverley Hotel in the evening. The proceedings took the form of a supper, at which Mr J. Gordon, vice-president of the association, occupied the chair and made, the presentation. Mr John McKay, president of the Orion, accepted the cup, and replied on, behalf of the Orion club. The players of each team were made the recipients, of handsome medals.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 1st March 1897

Orion Teamsheet:  McBean; James Low, Rose; Dawson, John Low, Currie; A. McFarlane, M. McFarlane, Thom, Leggat, Hogg


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; Maconnachie, McNeil; Stopani, Davidson Annand; Morrice, Murison, Forsyth, Thornton, Ritchie


Referee: James Wilson, Vale Leven

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