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match report 1896-97 fixture list
Charity Cup Semi Final 
Victoria United 3 - 1 Orion
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
The match which took place at Chanonry last night between the Orion and the Victoria United in the semi-final round of the Aberdeenshire Cup ties was a long, hard struggle for supremacy. Much against the wish of the Aberdeenshire Association, the game had to he played on an evening owing to the many engagements of the respective clubs prohibiting its being decided on a Saturday afternoon. The receipts in consequence suffered greatly, the attendance numbering only 2000. The United were without two of their usual team, and the Orion were weakened by the want of M. McFarlane, who was injured last weak. Mr Colville, Inverness, was referee. A strong wind prevailed, and the United had the advantage of it in the first half. The play during; the first 45 minutes was of a very fast order, and much in favour of the United. Both teams entered into their work determinedly, but the United were the much more effective eleven, and they scored twice in the first half, both points being well taken. The forward quintette of the United combined in a manner that surprised all, but none more than the Orion. Almost immediately after the game had been restarted the United, despite the fact that they had now the wind against them, baffled the Orion in a really firm manner, and in less than ten minutes they had added another goal. This reverse seemed to have the effect of rousing the Orion; at any rate their play showed a wonderful improvement. The United defence was, however, able to hold their ground very well, and time and again the Orion were repulsed. Only once did they succeed in defeating Findlay, and the shot was an exceedingly difficult one to stop. The game resulted in a victory for the United by 3 goals to 1. The winners undoubtedly played the better game, and the score represents the actual run of the game. McPherson, G. Burnett, and J. Burnett at forward, the three half-backs, and McNeil and Findlay played an exceptionally fine game, although the exhibition given by the other members of the United was creditable indeed. Ritchie and McPherson have the making of first-class players. The best men on the Orion side were Ross, Currie, John Low, and Leggat. At the close, the Orion lodged a protest on the ground that the latter part of the game was played in darkness. This, the Orion state, would not have happened had the United been on the Held at the time fixed.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 30th April 1897

Victoria United Teamsheet: 


Orion Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr. Colville, Inverness

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