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AFC - Match Report
match report 1897-98 fixture list
Northern League 
The Aberdeen 6 - 1 Lochee United
Kick Off:    Henderson, W. Clark, Mackie, Mackie, Gray, ?       Tosh  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
The local season was opened on Saturday at Chanonry, where a Northern League fixture was down for decision between Aberdeen and Lochee United. The wet, boisterous weather which prevailed militated somewhat against the attendance of spectators, which was expected to be good in view of the fact that the match was the only important one in the city. The ground was not in very good condition, the heavy rain of the forenoon rendering it very soft, and consequently making the foothold very insecure. Both elevens were out in full strength, and lined up as follows: Aberdeen - Smyth; McConnachie, Gall; Henderson, Clark, Thomson; Milne, Burnett, Mackie, W. Clark, Gray. Lochee - Davidson; "Robison", Rattray; Reid. Moon, Morrice; Wilson, Gray, Tosh, Munro, Vigrow. Mr W, Anderson. Forfar, acted as referee. Lochee won the toss, and elected to play with the wind in their favour. The opening stages of the game were characterised by some smart play on both sides, but Lochee were soon gradually forcing their way to the home goal. The local men managed to evade the visitors' forwards, and had a try at goal. Nothing resulted, however, and play wax again transferred to the Aberdeen end. Lochee showed the better combination, and for some time the Chanonry men were forced to act on the defensive. A few corners fell to Lochee, but the ball was always sent over. Aberdeen again got into Lochee territory, and Milne had a beautiful chance, but shot wide. Several other shots wore directed towards Davidson, but the homesters were unable to pierce the defence. At length, after acting on the defensive for some time, Lochee came away with a rush, and Tosh with a grounder opened the scoring. This had the effect of smartening up both teams, and some sharp encounters ensured. Both ends were visited in quick succession, and Aberdeen eventually got the ball through Lochee's goal, but the point was disallowed, as Clark, prior to the ball going into the net, had fouled the goalkeeper. Shortly afterwards Smyth was called upon to save his charge, which he succeeded in doing. Although handicapped by the strong wind, Aberdeen were having quite an much of the play us the visitors, and at times forced the game. At length Henderson was successful in equalising with a beautiful shot from far out. The local men followed up this advantage with a spell of brilliant play, and again Clark beat Davidson, thus placing his team one goal up. Half time was shortly afterwards sounded with the score standing: Aberdeen, 2 goals; Lochee United, 1.

In the second period, Aberdeen, aided by a strong breeze, soon began to make an impression, and not many minutes had elapsed before they had again penetrated the south men's defence, a low shot from Mackie speeding into the net. Desultory play followed, Aberdeen evidently being content to take matters easily, Lochee were afterwards in evidence, and for some time Smyth was busily engaged in defending his charge. The backs gave relief, however, and Aberdeen once more raced down to the Lochee goal. One or two corners were conceded, but at length Mackie, from far out, registered a fourth point for the Whites. Aberdeen kept up the aggressive till the finish, Gray scoring a fifth goal, while a few seconds before the whistle blow the ball was rushed into the net for a sixth time.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 6th September 1897

The Aberdeen had a big win over the Lochee United at Chanonry. The weather was miserable, but there was a large crowd. A hard game resulted in Aberdeen notching 6 points to the United's 1. This looks as if the Whites were to regain former exalted position in local football.

Source: Bon-Accord, 9th September 1897

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smyth; McConnachie, Gall; Henderson, Clark, Thomson; Milne, Burnett, Mackie, W. Clark, Gray


Lochee United Teamsheet:  Davidson; "Robison", Rattray; Reid. Moon, Morrice; Wilson, Gray, Tosh, Munro, Vigrow


Referee: Mr. W. Anderson, Forfar

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