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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup First Round 
Peterhead 2 - 4 Orion
Kick Off:    G. Smith, J. Smith       Thom, Thom, Thom, Wilson,  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Recreation Park, Peterhead
These teams met in the first round of the Scottish Cup in the Recreation Park, Peterhead, before a large attendance. The teams were: Peterhead - Mackie; Cordiner, Sutherland; Cowie, Milne, J. Davidson; Batty, J. Smith, G. Smith, Clark, Shiach. Orion - McBean; McKay, Scott; Currie. Low, Dawson; Webster, Wilson, Thom, Leggatt, Hogg. Peterhead opened with an oblique wind against them, and Orion, after some desultory play, put on the pressure. After fifteen minutes Thom headed through from a nicely placed corner by Hogg. Shortly after the same player, through some clever play by Wilson, took advantage of an easy opportunity and scored. Up to this stage the Orion had been having all the play, but the great obstacle to complete success was the magnificent form of Mackie, the Peterhead goalkeeper. Play gradually opened out, and Shiach, on the Peterhead left, began to show up well. He had several splendid runs, and ultimately from a pass of his to G. Smith, that player scored nicely for Peterhead. Shortly after, by a grand single-handed effort, Shiach ran from the centre of the field and broke through the Orion defence. He had nobody to beat but McBean, but the effort was wide. The locals kept at it, and some fine play on the left took the ball near McBean, and J. Smith smartly placed the ball in the net, and equalised the game. This was the state of affairs at half-time. Upon resuming, Peterhead attacked and forced several corners. Nothing more was effected, however, than getting in a shot which struck the crossbar, and the Orion forwards coming away, scored an offside goal through Thom. They kept at it, however, and Hogg was seen to great advantage, a pass of his being ultimately converted into a goal by Wilson. Away on the Peterhead left, Shiach was seen to great advantage, seeming, to have quite the measure of Currie, but his centres were not taken advantage of, and McBean disposed of his shots. Thom then again distinguished himself by converting a nice centre from the Orion right with his head. Hogg was repeatedly cheered for clever play, but the goalkeeping of Mackie was the admiration of friends and opponents alike, his saving powers, combined with his coolness, on all occasions doing wonders and repelling attack after attack when otherwise his side was completely beaten. The final result was: Orion, 4; Peterhead, 2; and the strangers have to thank Mackie that they secured a very much smaller margin than their play warranted. The only other players who shone were Hogg and Shiach, the left-wingers, who ran each other hard for premier honours among the forwards. Their passing, dribbling, dodging, and shooting were alike a treat to witness, and the spectators dispensed their favours impartially as between the two.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 13th September 1897

Before a large crowd and in lovely weather Orion reappeared at Peterhead to decide their tie. With the wind it their favour the visitors soon set to work. Jim Thom headed through the opening point shortly after the commencement. The game had hardly restarted again when Jim popped through a second one. Peterhead wakened up a bit after this, and even play was witnessed. Smith opened the scoring for the homesters, and the same player put the score equal before half time.

The home team opened strongly in the second half, but could not pierce the defence. Hogg had a fine run, which Wilson finished by putting the ball past Mackie. Jim Thom again got his head on the ball at the goalmouth, and Mackie was beat for a fourth time. Towards the finish Orion seemed to be content with their lead, and didn't exert themselves. Leggat had a good run, but it ended in his kicking the ground instead of the ball, and an easy chance was lost. Peterhead pressed hard in the closing minutes, but luck was not favouring them on Saturday. All over Orion played a good game, Wilson being a decided acquisition to the front rank. For Peterhead Mackie kept a rare goal, while Shiach and Smith were the best of the others. Result, 4-2.

Source: Bon-Accord, 16th September 1897

Short Kicks.

Orion had a rare time of it at Peterhead. The game was a hard one from beginning to end. The home team were completely out of it during the first half. They, however, managed from two or three runs down to score.
Jim Thorn was in his scoring mood, three out of the four goals standing to his credit.
Wilson, Orion's new forward, is a grand catch. He gave a finished exhibition of forward play. Hogg was the best of a good front line.
The League Championship flag will be unfurled on Saturday, when the Stripes meet Arbroath. A braw new flag-post, standing some 40 feet high, has been erected. Lord Provost Mearns and the Magistrates have been asked to be present. The Provost has been asked to pull the string.
A new forward may be seen at Cattofield before the Scottish tie. Meantime, mum's the word.
Orion's team on Saturday will be practically the same as that which defeated Peterhead.
Orion and Vics are drawn for the next round of the Qualifying Cup. The game is to be played at Cattofield on 2nd October. There ought to be a grand tussle, and may the best team win.

Source: Bon-Accord, 16th September 1897

McBean; McKay, Scott; Currie. Low, Dawson; Webster, Wilson, Thom, Leggatt, Hogg
Peterhead Teamsheet:  Mackie; Cordiner, Sutherland; Cowie, Milne, J. Davidson; Batty, J. Smith, G. Smith, Clark, Shiach


Orion Teamsheet: 



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