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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup Fourth Round 
Orion 10 - 1 Lochee United
Kick Off:    Thom, Currie, ?, Hogg, Hogg, Thom, Thom, ?, Thom, Thom       Reid  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
More than usual interest centred in the tie between Orion and Lochee United in the fourth round of the Scottish Qualifying Cup, which was decided at Cattofield. The weather was favourable. The players lined up as follows: Orion - McBean; Ross, Scott; Dawson, Low, Currie; Hogg, Wilson, Thom, Leggatt, Webster. Lochee - Coventry; Taylor, C. Morris; Reid, Anderson, McIntosh; A. Morrice, McLaren, Wilson, Vigrow, Forrest. Referee: Mr R. J. Hardie, Edinburgh. During the first quarter of an hour, the United only once got away, and their career was checked before they became dangerous. At length, Thom, from a fine pass over the line from Webster, opened the scoring for the Orion. Scarcely five minutes had elapsed before a second goal had been added, Currie neatly putting in the ball after a lively scrimmage in front of goal. Despite the fine defence of Lochee, Orion were almost continually in foreign territory, where scrimmages were of frequent occurrence. A third goal was soon placed to the credit of the home team, and matters were now beginning to look rather dark for the visitors. Notwithstanding they kept up a plucky resistance. The Stripes forced a corner, and from a well-placed shot from Wilson, Hogg registered a fourth goal. A penalty kick was afterwards awarded to Orion through McIntosh fouling the ball within the line. Hogg shot right into Coventry's arms, and the custodian soon placed the leather out of danger. Half-time was announced a few minutes later with the score standing: Orion 4, United 0.

Soon after the commencement of the second period a corner kick was skilfully negotiated by Hogg, with the result that a fifth goal was scored for the Cattofield men. Webster and Hogg were conspicuous by individual runs along the wings, and as the result of fine passes, Thom was shortly afterwards successful in scoring the sixth and seventh points. At this stage, Vigrow, of Lochee, injured his ankle, and had to be carried off the field. An eighth goal was scored as the result of a scrimmage, while the ninth and tenth fell to the credit of Thom. Shortly before the finish, the United invaded the home quarters, where Reid scored the first and only goal for the visitors. The attack was a surprise movement on the part of Lochee, and the ball was in the net almost before McBean was aware of the fact. The game ended: Orion 10, Lochee United 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 25th October 1897

More than usual interest was taken in this match, played at Cattofield on Saturday. This may be accounted for in large measure by the exhibition given by the Orion at Arbroath on the previous Saturday. Five minutes late, Thom kicked off for Orion, who were soon hovering round the Lochee goal. A goal kick gave relief to Lochee, but for a short time only, for the Orion forwards were once again bombarding Coventry's charge with all manner of shots, Hogg in particular having hard lines with a shot which grazed the crossbar. Do what they could, Lochee could not get away, and for a long time had to remain on the defensive. Coventry in goal played well for his side, but eventually he was beaten by a grand shot from Thom. This success was followed by another shortly after, Currie scoring from a scrimmage right in front of goal. Other two goals were put on before half-time, while a penalty kick for hands against Lochee was brilliantly saved by Coventry, who alone of his side was playing a grand game. What hopes the spectators had of seeing a stiffer game in the second half were rudely dispelled at the outset, for from a corner Hogg soon added a fifth goal for his side. From now to the finish the Orion did with their opponents as they chose, and clapped on other 5 goals to 1 obtained by the Lochee. The Orion thus qualified for the next round of the cup by the largest score of the day in this competition.

Short Kicks.

Micky McFarlane was a notable absentee from the Orion. The Arbroath match seems to have been too much for Mike, who it is said, is back to Motherwell.
Leggat made a capital substitute for the truant and surprised not a few by his smartness.
The two backs of Orion atoned for their previous week's play. Donald Currie was the best of the halfs, though Low was not far behind.
All the forwards did well, but Thorn was inclined to get lazy towards the finish.
The Lochee are a poor lot, and it is unfortunate for Orion and Vics that they have again to visit Aberdeen in the League competition. The "Whites" are lucky they are through with them.

Source: Bon-Accord, 28th October 1897

Orion Teamsheet:  McBean; Ross, Scott; Dawson, Low, Currie; Hogg, Wilson, Thom, Leggatt, Webster


Lochee United Teamsheet:  Coventry; Taylor, C. Morris; Reid, Anderson, McIntosh; A. Morrice, McLaren, Wilson, Vigrow, Forrest


Referee: Mr R. J. Hardie, Edinburgh

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