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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Northern League 
Victoria United 1 - 1 Arbroath
Kick Off:    Opponent o.g.       Middleton  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
The visit of the Arbroath eleven to Torry in a Northern League fixture attracted an enormous crowd, and the spectators were treated to one of the most stiffly-fought games that ever took place in Aberdeen. In view of the "Maroons" having on two preceding Saturdays defeated the Orion and Aberdeen, the game was invested with considerable interest, and the general opinion was that on their own ground the Victoria United would prove more than a match for the southrons. The teams lined up as follows: United: W. Allan; McNeil, Allan; Morrice, Moffatt, Stopani; Black, Henderson, Burnett, J. Ritchie, R. Ritchie. Arbroath: McWattie; Carrie, Penny; Petrie, Anderson, Davidson; Leuchars, Middleton, Sword, Middleton, Ford. Referee, Mr Scott, Montrose. The visitors obtained the first advantage, but the United quickly recovered, and got within close quarters. Several likely shots were sent in, but the Arbroath defence proved invulnerable. Arbroath threw off the pressure, and Ford was conspicuous with a fine run down the left, his parting shot, however, not taking effect. Again the Victorians attacked, but a protracted siege failed to bring about the desired result, Carrie and Penny defending admirably. Play afterwards raged in the home territory, and the defence was subjected to a hot siege. Allan, in returning a fine shot, drove the ball against Middleton, from whom it rebounded into the net, the first goal of the afternoon thus falling to the strangers. The home forwards afterwards put in some fine play, and peppered the Arbroath citadel right and left. Both elevens fought in a most determined manner, but when ends were changed the score remained unaltered.

The second period was pretty much a repetition of the first, the United having most of the play, and experiencing exceptionally hard luck at goal. The equalising point came about rather unexpectedly. A corner fell to the home team, and one of the Arbroath halves in endeavouring to head out the ball sent it into the not. Fast play characterised the closing stages, and time and again the United were within an ace of obtaining the winning point. The defence of the strangers, however, was superb, and, despite the tricky tactics of the home quintette, the Arbroath goal remained intact. The game ended Victoria United 1, Arbroath 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 1st November 1897

Arbroath, who are going strongly just now, appeared at Torry. On the two previous Saturdays Orion and Aberdeen got severely beaten by them, and, as was to be expected, their visit created unusual interest. The visitors kicked off and were down on Allan immediately. Vics retaliated, and Mc'Wattie's charge was bombarded for some time. All kinds of shots were tried but to no avail. The opening goal fell to Arbroath through bad play by Allan, the Vics back. After beating his man, he waited too long before kicking out. When he did kick he drove the ball against a visitor, and it rebounded into the net. Vics kept peppering away until half-time which arrived with Arbroath 1. Vics 0.

The second half was practically a repetition of the opening period, Vics having about all the game but none of the luck. The equalising point came from a Maroon who, in endeavouring to head out a corner put the ball past McWattie. The excitement now ran high and the Blues redoubled their efforts to get the lead, but all to no effect. Arbroath's defence had a run of luck which is rarely seen. Whenever a good shot was sent in it usually struck some of the visitors: in fact the Maroons latterly packed their goal. Vics had a grand chance to score from a penalty but Burnett sent the ball over the bar. In the closing minutes of the game Vics kept swarming round their opponents' goal but could not find an opening and a hard, and at all times exciting game, ended in a draw of one goal each.

Short Kicks.

With no opposition in town, the Vics had a rare gate. Over 60 was drawn. So great was the crush that the large gate was forced open, as many got free admission.
Allan, the goal keeper, donned a pair of white pants. It harmonised with the rest of the team but brought recollections of cricket back.
Arbroath have a smart set of forwards. Sword gives his wings plenty of work. The defence on Saturday, although perhaps lucky at times, played a rare game. McWattie was as smart a custodian as have seen this season.
On the Vics side the defence was better than the attack Moffatt reappeared at centre half, and Stopani played left half. Forward, Twick Burnett was about useless, and G. Ritchie little better. The other three were all right. What is badly wanted at Torry is a good heavy centre. Burnett gets too easily knocked off the ball.

Source: Bon-Accord, 4th November 1897

Victoria United Teamsheet:  W. Allan; McNeil, Allan; Morrice, Moffatt, Stopani; Black, Henderson, Burnett, J. Ritchie, R. Ritchie


Arbroath Teamsheet:  McWattie; Carrie, Penny; Petrie, Anderson, Davidson; Leuchars, Middleton, Sword, Middleton, Ford


Referee: Mr Scott, Montrose

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