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AFC - Match Report
match report 1897-98 fixture list
Northern League 
Orion 4 - 1 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    McFarlane, Low, Thom, Wilson       Mackie  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Under Northern League auspices, Aberdeen and Orion root at Cattofield before fully 3000 spectators. The players were: Orion: McBean Ross, Scott; Currie, Low, Dawson; McFarlane, Grant, Thom, Wilson, Hogg. Aberdeen: Smyth, John Davidson, McConnachie; Henderson, Joseph Davidson, Thomson; Kennedy, McIntosh, Mackie, Gray, Shiach. Referee - Mr Cation, Dundee. Aberdeen had the advantage of the incline in the first period, and immediately after the commencement, bore down on Ross and Scott, who, however, succeeded in repelling the attack. Several runs were instituted by the Orion forwards, but the defence of the Whites proved invulnerable. Shortly afterwards, a corner was awarded Aberdeen, the ball, however, being sent behind. From the kick-off. Orion assumed the aggressive, and for a time play raged in Aberdeen territory. From a scrimmage, the Orion almost scored, but Smyth succeeded in stopping the bail on the goal line. Orion continued to have the best of matters, but the defence of the visitors was equal to any emergency. The Chanonry forwards after¬wards got away, and Mackie had a try at goal, missing only by inches. A minute later, the Stripes swooped down on the Aberdeen citadel, and a mistake by John Davidson gave Orion their first goal, Smyth having run out to save a shot from Macfarlane. After this reverse, Aberdeen took up the running, and had several chances at goal, which, however, were spoiled by inaccurate shooting. At half-time the score stood: Orion 1, Aberdeen 0.

On resuming, the Cattofield men came down the incline in fine style, and forced a corner. The kick being neatly taken, the ball was sent into the net by Low. From the kick-off, the Stripes quintette again attacked, and Thom added a third point. For a considerable time Orion maintained the upper hand, and on several occasions had hard luck at goal. A number of corners came their way, but all proved unproductive. A tussle in front of Orion's goalmouth resulted in a penalty being awarded Aberdeen, and Mackie, with a swift shot, landed the ball in the net. Play for a time was exciting, and Wilson shortly afterwards was successful in lowering the White flag for the fourth time. A few minutes before the close, Orion was awarded a penalty, but Thom shot over. A fairly interesting game ended: Orion 4, Aberdeen 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 15th November 1897

It was confidently expected that Aberdeen would give Orion a good struggle for the two points, but much to their disappointment this did not come off. Clark, who more than likely would have played centre forward for Aberdeen, was absent owing to his mother's illness. Orion, in view of Saturday's encounter, gave Webster a rest, letting in A. McFarlane. Winning the toss, Orion as usual played uphill. Aberdeen had the best of the opening passages. Ross and Scott, however, were in good form. A corner was secured, but the Stripes' defence prevailed. A visit to Smyth almost proved productive, but Tom got the ball away when everyone thought it had gone through. Orion opened the scoring. In trying to cover a mistake by Davidson, Smyth left his goal, and A. McFarlane, who was lying handy, slipped the ball into the net. Aberdeen played hard to get on even terms, but there was no further scoring in the opening period.

On resuming Orion went down the hill with a rush and secured a corner from which John Low, after some passing, scored a grand goal. Down Orion came again and rushing through Aberdeen's defence put on a third point. Matters were pretty one-sided for a time, Orion monopolising almost all the play. Aberdeen were awarded a penalty for an infringement within the line, and Mackie reduced their opponents' lead by one. This served to brighten up the game a bit, and in response to a howl from the crowd Orion dashed through, and Wilson put on No. 4 for his side. It was Orion's turn now for a penalty, but Thom kicked as if he intended the ball to visit the next parish, and the chance was lost. Shortly afterwards the whistle was sounded for time. A poor and at times most uninteresting game ended: Orion 4, Aberdeen 1.

Short Kicks

Aberdeen usually play well against Orion, but Saturday, game was an exception to the rule. It was rumoured out Chanonry way that new faces might be seen in the Whites' ranks, but nothing came of it.
The referee was of the "frosty" order. He was inclined to be rather hard on Joe Davidson, we think.
Aberdeen's front line showed little or no combination, and this is undoubtedly due to the want of a good centre. Mack indulges too much in individual work to ever be of much use in this position.
Gray and Shiach are a very tricky pair, sometimes overly tricky. McIntosh could have improved his play by feeding Kennedy more.
The halves and backs worked hard, but most of their work was nullified by the forwards.
Tom Smyth could not have saved any of the goals.
Orion didn't seem to stretch themselves. Only once or twice did they give an example of their true form. We don't think any defence could have stopped the rush they came away with after Aberdeen's goal.
Hogg and Wilson, as usual, made a fine wing. Thom was rather lazy. Grant played a grand game, and we are glad to hear Orion have got his signature. McFarlane was fair.
John Low's goal was the feature of the game. How the ball got through amongst so many players is a mystery.
Currie and Dawson were very effective. The latter, however, was on the robust side.
Scott carried off the honours at back, although Ross was very good. McBean got few really hot ones.

Source: Bon-Accord, 18th November 1897

Orion Teamsheet:  McBean Ross, Scott; Currie, Low, Dawson; McFarlane, Grant, Thom, Wilson, Hogg


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smyth, John Davidson, McConnachie; Henderson, Joseph Davidson, Thomson; Kennedy, McIntosh, Mackie, Gray, Shiach


Referee: Mr Cation, Dundee

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